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Grafana k6: Testing without limits

Testing applies to everything! As software becomes more distributed and complex, the “shift left” movement brings performance testing earlier in the development lifecycle. Developers and test engineers must be enabled to quickly incorporate automated tests right into their workflows. The ability to run tests early, with the least friction, while simulating extreme conditions instill confidence in your final product.

This talk will provide an overview of the extensibility provided by k6 and its ecosystem of more than 50 extensions. Custom extensions exist for such varied things as:

  • Setting up environments for applications deployed in Kubernetes
  • Specialized load testing to evaluate backend databases
  • Simulating load by publishing events to Kafka or queue-based systems
  • Publishing load-testing metrics to various observability platforms

The k6 team will demonstrate a couple of these extensions and show just how easy it is to extend k6 for your own needs. Enable your developers and test engineers!

By the end of this session, attendees will have a better understanding of how the “big tent” philosophy applies to load testing with k6. With k6 incorporated into your development pipeline, you’ll be saying: k… LGTM!

  • Paul Balogh
    Paul Balogh
    Developer Advocate at Grafana Labs
  • Nicole van der Hoeven
    Nicole van der Hoeven
    Developer Advocate at Grafana Labs