Lightning talks: 5 quick ways to uplevel your use of Grafana
Thursday, Jun 10, , UTC

In this advanced session, we’ve gathered some Grafanistas to share their expertise to help you uplevel your use of Grafana.

  • CTO and Co-founder Anthony Woods will demo how to connect your dashboards with data links.
  • Senior UX Designer Oana Mangiurea will talk about Grafana’s effort to create a more accessible product for all its users.
  • Senior Solutions Engineer John O’Brien will walk through some cool use cases for using transformations to manipulate your data before it’s visualized in your dashboard.
  • Director, Professional Services Alex Martin will demo how to deploy Grafana with Tanka and mixins.
  • Senior Solutions Engineer Dave Schmid will show how to turn your dashboards into flexible and reusable works of art by combining dynamic variables, valuable links, and powerful overrides.