Check out the 30+ sessions covering Grafana 8, Tempo 1.0, Prometheus, Loki, and much more.

Hear from the Grafana Labs team about exciting next-generation features in Grafana 8 and other announcements. Be inspired by what community members are building and the positive changes they’ve driven for their organizations.

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GrafanaCONline 2021
  • A first look at Grafana 8.0 Grafana creator Torkel Ödegaard walks us through the latest major release.
  • Stories from the community Hear about Grafana use cases in observability, IoT, science, and business intelligence.
  • And much more! 30+ sessions with 70+ speakers over two weeks!


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Tuesday, June 8

, UTC Opening keynote , UTC Stories Grafana told me about my WFH habits during lockdown , UTC The future of machine learning at Grafana Labs , UTC A year in space: Using Grafana to analyze ultraviolet sensors on the International Space Station , UTC Availability, culture & adaptation: A Salesforce & Grafana Labs discussion

Wednesday, June 9

, UTC Grafana 8.0 deep dive , UTC Plugin showcase: Building a single pane of observability glass , UTC The pace of Prometheus and Cortex innovation , UTC How Robinhood scaled from 100M to 700M time series with Grafana Enterprise Metrics , UTC Prometheus + Grafana: Answering FAQ at Roblox with data and visualization

Thursday, June 10

, UTC Open source distributed tracing with Grafana Tempo , UTC Monitoring global e-commerce Magento sites with Grafana and Loki , UTC Predicting air quality (and pollution) with Grafana , UTC Lightning talks: 5 quick ways to uplevel your use of Grafana , UTC Lean, mean, monitoring machine: Grafana at every scale

Tuesday, June 15

, UTC IoT in Grafana: Real-time streaming, new visualizations, and more, oh my! , UTC Easy DIY IoT projects with Grafana , UTC Creating value through IoT train sensor data with Grafana , UTC Using Grafana Cloud to drive manufacturing plant efficiency , UTC Making environmental data open with Grafana dashboards , UTC Panel: Careers in open source

Wednesday, June 16

, UTC What’s next for alerting in Grafana , UTC Dashboards as code, simplified , UTC How to set up and visualize synthetic monitoring at scale with Grafana Cloud , UTC Using Grafana to inform the public of Covid’s economic impact in near-real time , UTC Grafana onboard the SOFIA airborne astronomical observatory , UTC Building a 360-degree observability platform with the Grafana Stack

Thursday, June 17

, UTC Get more and spend less with Grafana Loki for logs , UTC Using Grafana to visualize Continuous Delivery Indicators in the open source Jenkins X cloud native CI/CD project , UTC Enhancing observability for High Performance Computing infrastructure with Grafana , UTC Using the Grafana Stack to visualize and manage overall service health and alerts , UTC The business of Grafana Labs
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