GrafanaCon 2020
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Week One


Thursday, May 14, 2020 12:30 ET / 16:30 UTC | 50 min


It has been 5 years since worldPing was released to the masses. Throughout the years, worldPing has been a driving force for a number of significant capabilities and features in Grafana and Grafana Cloud. However, in recent years, worldPing has been quietly operating in the shadows, serving tens of thousands of users, without a lot of love. Join me as we look back over worldPing’s history and more importantly look into the bright future that we have planned for it.

Notice: This plugin is no longer available. worldPing will reach End-Of Life (EOL) on April 1, 2021

Get started with synthetic monitoring in Grafana Cloud- the predecessor to worldPing. Everything you love about worldPing is now available with the new synthetic monitoring feature in Grafana Cloud, plus you’ll get reduced complexity and all the benefits of Grafana Cloud.

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Anthony Woods

Anthony Woods, co-founder and CTO, Grafana Labs

Anthony ran Operations for Voxel in Singapore, and has also worked on the tooling that keeps Visa’s payment systems running. Anthony enjoys spending time outdoors with his family in sunny Perth.