GrafanaCon 2020
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Week Three

Tanka: Declarative Dashboards for Declarative Clusters

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 12:30 ET / 16:30 UTC | 50 min


Tanka is a powerful tool for managing Kubernetes resources using the Jsonnet language. Along with a demonstration of deploying Grafana to Kubernetes using Tanka, this session will cover the benefits of deploying your dashboards alongside your code, how to manage Kubernetes resources using Tanka and Jsonnet, and how to create dashboards using Grafonnet and deploy them with Tanka.

Malcolm Holmes

Malcolm Holmes, Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Malcolm joined Grafana Labs almost two years ago. He has been a software developer for decades, much of that time spent with operational aspects – often because he was the only member of the team that understood that stuff! As a result, he is now a part of the Infrastructure team at Grafana Labs, helping to build and maintain the infrastructure the company uses to offer its services.