GrafanaCon 2020
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Week One

Strava: the Venn diagram of observability

Friday, May 15, 2020 13:30 ET / 17:30 UTC | 50 min


In the era of services architecture, reliability engineering, and container orchestration, the word “observability” is widely used but rarely clearly defined. What is “observability” really? Of the various observability concepts and tools, what are the distinctions and overlaps in various technologies? This talk should help attendees answer questions like:

  • “How do I compare logging and exception handling?”
  • “Do I need distributed tracing?”
  • “What is ‘instrumentation’ exactly? Is it the same as visualization?”

David Worth

David Worth, Engineering Manager, Strava

Dave is a mathematician by training who specialized in Functional Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory. In his professional life, he has been a web and backend engineer who developed a specialization in observability through building reliable distributed systems with strong uptime requirements at companies such as DigitalOcean and Strava.