GrafanaCon 2020
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Week Three

Industrial process monitoring: oil and gas industry

Monday, May 18, 2020 13:30 ET / 17:30 UTC | 30 min


We have been utilizing Grafana at Whiting Oil and Gas for approximately three years. In that time, we have greatly impacted the way our field assets are managed through dashboards and alerting. Instead of servers and network data, Whiting is using the application to monitor oil and gas wells in remote locations. Historically, the energy industry has deployed very expensive tools to monitor assets and visualize data. Many times those applications can cost the organization several hundred thousand dollars per yer in licensing alone. Grafana represents a major disruption to the software providers in our industry. In the beginning adoption was very slow. After many long days riding around in trucks with field personnel and interviewing countless operations supervisors, we have watched Grafana become a staple at Whiting. Today, we have grown the application to over 300 dashboards and 200 active users. This gives field personnel the data necessary to make better decisions and prioritize their work. Whiting has been able to continue to add assets while reducing their labor to manage those assets.

Jeremy Blevens

Jeremy Blevens, SCADA Supervisor, Whiting Petroleum Corporation

Jeremy is currently employed as a SCADA Supervisor in the Oil and Gas industry. His career started with military service in the United States Air Force, where he learned all about high reliability electronics and the power of data. After military service, Jeremy studied Finance and Economics at Texas State University. With diploma in hand, he set out to begin a career in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. It was quickly apparent that managing data in this industry was something very rewarding. This has evolved into where he is today working with time series and tabular data to more effectively manage assets for Operations.

Jeremy Blevens

Damien Clark, SCADA Developer, Whiting Petroleum Corporation

Damien works as a SCADA Systems Analyst at Whiting Petroleum. With an education in machine learning and an interest in real-time data optimization, Damien works to improve company real-time data quality, mapping, and integrations projects for the Field Operations group.