GrafanaCon 2020
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Week One

Fillet your herrings using Grafana: an open source implementation for Industry 4.0

Thursday, May 14, 2020 13:30 ET / 17:30 UTC | 30 min


Datask, founded in 2019, has been using Grafana to monitor real time production results for one of the largest fishery companies in the Netherlands. This company has developed its own automatic Fillet machine, which is unique for the fishery industry. These machines will be exported to several countries in the world. We are using industrial IOT technology to monitor these machines and present performance figures to various stakeholders.

René de Theije

René de Theije

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial automation for various industries (food, chemical, data centers, chip manufacturing), I gained a lot of knowledge on data collection and presentation for industrial users. I’ve used a lot of closed source products, but a year ago I embraced the open source community and created a new company for Industry 4.0, where we are adopting open source technology in traditional industrial markets.