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Too many jobs in the queue

The error message might also be

  • queue doesn't have room for 100 jobs
  • failed to add a job to work queue

You may see this error if the compactor isn’t running and the blocklist size has exploded. Possible reasons why the compactor may not be running are:

  • Insufficient permissions.
  • Compactor sitting idle because no block is hashing to it.
  • Incorrect configuration settings.

Diagnosing the issue

  • Check metric tempodb_compaction_bytes_written_total If this is greater than zero (0), it means the compactor is running and writing to the backend.
  • Check metric tempodb_compaction_errors_total If this metric is greater than zero (0), check the logs of the compactor for an error message.


  • Verify that the Compactor has the LIST, GET, PUT, and DELETE permissions on the bucket objects.
  • If there’s a compactor sitting idle while others are running, port-forward to the compactor’s http endpoint. Then go to /compactor/ring and click Forget on the inactive compactor.
  • Check the following configuration parameters to ensure that there are correct settings:
    • max_block_bytes to determine when the ingester cuts blocks. A good number is anywhere from 100MB to 2GB depending on the workload.
    • max_compaction_objects to determine the max number of objects in a compacted block. This should relatively high, generally in the millions.
    • retention_duration for how long traces should be retained in the backend.
  • Check the storage section of the config and increase queue_depth. Do bear in mind that a deeper queue could mean longer waiting times for query responses. Adjust max_workers accordingly, which configures the number of parallel workers that query backend blocks.
      max_workers: 100                 # worker pool determines the number of parallel requests to the object store backend
      queue_depth: 10000