Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Query Tempo with Grafana

Grafana can query Tempo directly. This feature has been enabled since Grafana 7.5.x.

Grafana Cloud comes pre-configured with a Tempo data source.

If you are using Grafana on-prem, you need to set up the Tempo data source.

Configure the data source

To query Tempo with Grafana:

  1. Point the Grafana data source at your Tempo query frontend (or monolithic mode Tempo).
  2. Enter the URL: http://<tempo hostname>:<http port number>. For most of our examples the following works.

The port of 3200 is a common port used in our examples. Tempo default HTTP port is 80.

Prior to Grafana 7.5.x, Grafana was not able to query Tempo directly and required an intermediary, Tempoo-Query. This the Grafana 7.4.x example to explains configuration. The url entered will be http://<tempo-query hostname>:16686/.