TroubleshootingMaximum trace limit reached

I am seeing the error: max live traces per tenant exceeded

In high volume tracing environments the default trace limits are sometimes not sufficient. For example, if you reach the maximum number of live traces allowed per tenant in the ingester, you will see the following messages: max live traces per tenant exceeded: per-user traces limit (local: 10000 global: 0 actual local: 10000) exceeded.


  • Check if you have the overrides parameter in your configuration file.

  • If it is missing, add overrides using instructions in Ingestion limits. You can override the default values of the following parameters:

    • ingestion_burst_size_bytes : Burst size (bytes) used in ingestion. Default is 20,000,000 (~20MB).
    • ingestion_rate_limit_bytes : Per-user ingestion rate limit (bytes) used in ingestion. Default is 15,000,000 (~15MB).
    • max_bytes_per_trace : Maximum size of a single trace in bytes. 0 to disable. Default is 5,000,000 (~5MB).
    • max_traces_per_user: Maximum number of active traces per user, per ingester. 0 to disable. Default is 10,000.
  • Increase the maximum limit to a failsafe value. For example, increase the limit for the max_traces_per_user parameter from 10,000 like 50000.