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Deploy Tempo with Tempo Operator

The Tempo Operator allows you to configure, install, upgrade, and operate Grafana Tempo on Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters.

Some of the operator features are:

  • Resource Limits - Specify overall resource requests and limits in the TempoStack CR; the operator assigns fractions of it to each component
  • AuthN and AuthZ - Supports OpenID Control (OIDC) and role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Managed upgrades - Updating the operator will automatically update all managed Tempo clusters
  • Multitenancy - Multiple tenants can send traces to the same Tempo cluster
  • mTLS - Communication between the Tempo components can be secured via mTLS
  • Jaeger UI - Traces can be visualized in Jaeger UI and exposed via Ingress or OpenShift Route
  • Observability - The operator and TempoStack operands expose telemetry (metrics, traces) and integrate with Prometheus ServiceMonitor and PrometheusRule

The source of the Tempo Operator can be found at grafana/tempo-operator.


The operator can be installed from:



The supported Tempo version by the operator can be found in the changelog or on the release page.


The Tempo Operator is supported on Kubernetes 1.21 and 1.27.


The operator Kubernetes manifest installation files use cert-manger v1 custom resources to provision certificates for admission webhooks.