Set up a Tempo cluster

Set up a Tempo cluster

Tempo is available as a pre-compiled binary, a Docker image, and as common OS-specific packaging.

No matter which option you choose, setting up your Tempo cluster involves:

  1. Naming your cluster
  2. Deploying your cluster
  3. Testing your cluster

This page highlights these steps; more detailed instructions are available on the procedures for deploying clusters.

Name your cluster

No matter which deployment method you choose, you need to decide what to call your Tempo cluster. A cluster name must meet the following criteria:

  • is 3 to 63 characters long
  • contains lowercase letters, numbers, underscores (_), or hyphens (-)
  • begins with a letter or number
  • ends with a letter or number

Deploy your cluster

Choose a method to deploy your Tempo cluster:

Test your cluster

Once your cluster is deployed, you can test your cluster by visualizing the traces data with a simple TNS app. Refer to Set up a test application for Tempo cluster for instructions.