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Query and inspect Apache Parquet data

Apache Parquet is a column-oriented format and is the default block format for Tempo 2.0. Refer to the Parquet configuration options for more information.

You can use parquet-tools to query and inspect Parquet files. There are multiple distributions of parquet-tools available. Most of the examples on this page should work with different distributions.


Examples of working with Tempo parquet blocks and popular parquet tooling.

This command shows the schema of a Tempo parquet block using the parquet-tools command:

$ parquet-tools schema data.parquet
message Trace {
  required binary TraceID;
  repeated group rs {
    required group Resource {
      repeated group Attrs {
        required binary Key (STRING);
        optional binary Value (STRING);

This command dumps all column sizes for a Tempo block using the parquet-tools command:

$ parquet-tools column-size data.parquet | sort
DurationNanos-> Size In Bytes: 799849 Size In Ratio: 0.0011075386
EndTimeUnixNano-> Size In Bytes: 952660 Size In Ratio: 0.0013191337
RootServiceName-> Size In Bytes: 108145 Size In Ratio: 1.4974672E-4
RootSpanName-> Size In Bytes: 212444 Size In Ratio: 2.9416793E-4
StartTimeUnixNano-> Size In Bytes: 953946 Size In Ratio: 0.0013209144
TraceID-> Size In Bytes: 3076838 Size In Ratio: 0.00426045
TraceIDText-> Size In Bytes: 2979464 Size In Ratio: 0.004125618
rs.Resource.Attrs.Key-> Size In Bytes: 5404392 Size In Ratio: 0.0074833785
rs.Resource.Attrs.Value-> Size In Bytes: 20337501 Size In Ratio: 0.028161023
rs.Resource.Attrs.ValueArray-> Size In Bytes: 1838177 Size In Ratio: 0.0025452955

Dump all service names containing “tempo” from the block:

$ parquet-tools dump -c rs.Resource.ServiceName data.parquet | grep tempo
value 60:     R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 6343:   R:0 D:1 V:tempo-ingester
value 10773:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 14397:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 16824:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-ingester
value 17842:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-query-frontend
value 22749:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-gateway
value 25311:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 30070:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 30451:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-query-frontend
value 32755:  R:1 D:1 V:tempo-gateway
value 32866:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 34998:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-querier
value 37242:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-querier
value 40643:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 42229:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor
value 42241:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-gateway
value 43234:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-gateway
value 43244:  R:0 D:1 V:tempo-compactor