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Use Tempo with Grafana

You can use Tempo as a data source in Grafana to Tempo can query Grafana directly. Grafana Cloud comes pre-configured with a Tempo data source.

If you are using Grafana on-prem, you need to set up the Tempo data source.


If you want to see what you can do with tracing data in Grafana, try the Intro to Metrics, Logs, Traces, and Profiling example.

This video explains how to add data sources, including Loki, Tempo, and Mimir, to Grafana and Grafana Cloud. Tempo data source set up starts at 4:58 in the video.

Configure the data source

For detailed instructions on the Tempo dta source in Grafana, refer to Tempo data source.

To configure Tempo with Grafana:

  1. Point the Grafana data source at your Tempo query frontend (or monolithic mode Tempo).
  2. Enter the URL: http://<tempo hostname>:<http port number>. For most of the Tempo examples the following works.

The port of 3200 is a common port used in our examples. Tempo default HTTP port is 80.

Query the data source

Refer to Tempo in Grafana for an overview about how tracing data can be viewed and used in Grafana.

For information on querying the Tempo data source, refer to Tempo query editor.