Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Version 1.3 release notes

We are excited to present Grafana Pyroscope 1.3.

This release focuses on improving stability and interoperability to make Pyroscope more reliable and easier to use.

Several major improvements were made to the compaction process:

  • Improved performance and storage efficiency of the symbol compaction process.
  • Optimized data processing by adding support for time-based down-sampling during the compaction process.
  • Added tracing integration to compaction for better observability.
  • Improved system stability during compaction shutdown
  • Added a profilecli compact command

Notable changes are listed below. For more details, check out the Full 1.3.0 Changelog:

Features and enhancements

Features and enhancements for version 1.3 include:

  • Enhanced symbol compaction process: Improved performance and storage efficiency with the new symbol compaction process (#2864).
  • Introduced function selector in pprof query: More precise profiling with the addition of a function selector (#2878).
  • Support for time-based downsampling during compaction: Optimized data processing with time-based strategies (#2880).
  • Added tracing integrations to compaction: Better observability in the compaction process (#2876).
  • Added language mapping for Grafana Agent in Java: Expanded profiling capabilities (#2866).

Improvements and updates

Version 1.3 includes the following improvements and updates:

  • Updated Alpine and Golang versions: Enhanced security and performance with the latest versions of Alpine (3.18.5) and Golang (1.21.5) (#2901, #2902).
  • Injected JFR labels into pprof: Enriched profiling data for better insights (#2868).
  • Streamlined Makefile and go.mod: Better build process with updated Makefile and tidied go.mod (#2900).
  • Updated agent configuration in Helm: More flexible deployments in Kubernetes environments (#2879).
  • Refactored eBPF installation documentation: Improved clarity and usability in eBPF documentation (#2849).
  • Upgraded connect-go, protobuf, and buf: Improved system interoperability (#2909).
  • Enhanced compaction shutdown process: Improved system stability during shutdowns (#2903).
  • Implemented profilecli compact command: Efficient data management with the new command (#2869).


Version 1.3 includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed panic in compaction benchmark: Addressed issues causing system instability (#2918).
  • Resolved block cleanup process issues: Ensured system integrity and stability (#2916).
  • Fixed pprof profile builder panics: Enhanced system stability (#2917).
  • Corrected profile types call handling: Better data management without bucket store (#2910).
  • Removed delta reserved labels from storage: Optimized the storage system (#2920).
  • Increased parquet read buffer size: Improved data processing efficiency (#2924).

Documentation improvements

Version 1.3 includes the following documentation updates:

  • Enhanced memory overhead documentation: Deeper insights into system performance (#2895).
  • Updated Node.js documentation: Fixed Markdown link issues for better clarity (#2890).
  • Expanded documentation: Comprehensive Java profiling guidance (#2904).
  • Removed dependency on Grafana Agent: Streamlined Pyroscope architecture (#2913).
  • Updated various sections: Intro, analyze, sampling, and SDK pages now offer clearer and more detailed information (#2855, #2844, #2854, #2851, #2861).
  • Launched a 1-minute YouTube short on eBPF: Providing a quick and informative overview of eBPF (#2893).