Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

Open source

Version 1.1 release notes

The Pyroscope team is excited to announce the the second release. This release allows to retrieve series from persistent storages like local disk and object store and also has a couple of performance improvements (e.g., JFR ingestion is handled a lot more efficiently).

As always, feedback is more than welcome, feel free to open issues/discussions. You can reach out to the team using:

Docker images

  docker pull

Improvements and enhancements

  • Switched to v1 Golang SDK.
  • Updated multiple dependencies including Go, Ruby, Django, Rust, and more.
  • Introduced meta fetcher that synchronizes filtered metadata locally.
  • Introduced pyroscope packaging via nfpm.
  • Use Grafana flamegraph component.
  • ‘ExportData’ now respects the ‘’ related prop.
  • Introduced option to disable RBAC.
  • Introduced a tenant scanner.
  • Refactoring for block compaction to enable shard-splitting.
  • Improved multitenancy default behavior documentation.


  • Addressed various race conditions and bug fixes.
  • Improved URL handling and pprof merges.
  • Fixed various documentation inconsistencies and outdated references.
  • Fixed broken links.
  • Resolved multiple issues related to dotnet and ebpf.
  • Addressed flaky tests and issues in ingestionAdapter.
  • Handle profiles without timestamps.

Documentation updates

  • Added tabs to Java docs and updated ebpf docs.
  • Added section for Apple arm64 builds.
  • Updated documentation for contributors.
  • Improved helm documentation.
  • Optimized and clarified querier API calls.

DevOps and tooling

  • Introduced Helm v1.0.0 release.
  • Automation added for brew releases.
  • Helm improvements: setting correct namespace, adding initContainers, hostNetwork, etc.
  • Refactored after dskit upgrade.
  • Updated rideshare examples for ingesting to