Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Grafana Pyroscope

Grafana Pyroscope is an open source software project for aggregating continuous profiling data. Continuous profiling is an observability signal that allows you to understand your workload’s resources (CPU, memory, etc.) usage down to the line number.

Grafana Pyroscope is fully integrated with Grafana allowing you to correlate with other observability signals, like metrics, logs, and traces.

Continuous profiling

Continuous profiling is more than just a performance analysis tool. It’s a crucial component in modern software development and operations. It goes past traditional profiling techniques by providing ongoing, in-depth insights into application performance.

Continuous profiling goes past the ephemeral, localized nature of traditional profiling (which historically has been more similar to console.log or print statement debugging) to a structured, centralized approach allows for effective use in production environments. Put more simply, Pyroscope takes you from a bunch of flamegraph files on your desktop to a database where you can query and analyze production data in a structured way.


To learn more about continuous profiling, read the Introduction section.

Pyroscope, in particular, offers the flexibility to either visualize more traditional adhoc data or evolve your applications observability tooling to include more modern continuous profiling capabilities.


Core features of Grafana Pyroscope include:

  • Easy to install: Using its monolithic mode, you can get Grafana Pyroscope up and running with just one binary and no additional dependencies. On Kubernetes, a single helm chart allows for deploying in different modes.
  • Horizontal scalability: You can run Grafana Pyroscope across multiple machines, which makes it effortless for you to scale the database to handle the profiling volumes your workload generates.
  • High availability: Grafana Pyroscope replicates incoming profiles, ensuring that no data is lost in the event of machine failure. This means you can rollout without interrupting profiles ingestion and analysis.
  • Cheap, durable profile storage: Grafana Pyroscope uses object storage for long-term data storage, allowing it to take advantage of this ubiquitous, cost-effective, high-durability technology. It is compatible with multiple object store implementations, including AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, OpenStack Swift, as well as any S3-compatible object storage.
  • Natively multi-tenant: Grafana Pyroscope’s multi-tenant architecture enables you to isolate data and queries from independent teams or business units, making it possible for these groups to share the same database.

Get started with Pyroscope

Begin your journey with Pyroscope. Visit our Getting Started Guide to learn about the different ways to instrument your application with Pyroscope. Join our Slack community and contribute to the evolving world of continuous profiling.