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Server side transformations are introduced in Infinity 2.0. You can perform basic data manipulation in the server side.

To perform server side transformations, you need to add a query type of transformations. Once this added, this will perform server side transformation over all the previous infinity queries with backend parser.

Warning: Infinity Transformations/Server side transformations, are not available neither for non infinity datasources nor infinity queries with non-backend parsers.


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Supported transformations


Limit transformation limits the number of result items rows in each query.

Filter Expression

Filter the results based on column values in each query.

Computed Column

Appends a new column based on expression

Summarize / Group by

Group by results based on aggregation and dimension.

Note: All these transformations, are done post processing. ( once server responds with data, infinity backend client manipulates the data. ). If your API supports, such transformations on server side, use those instead of this.