Infinity data source
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Infinity data source plugin for Grafana

Grafana Infinity Datasource

The Infinity data source plugin allows you to query and visualize data from JSON / CSV / GraphQL / XML / HTML endpoints.

🎯 Key Features

  • Get data from multiple sources into grafana
  • Flexible data manipulation with UQL, JSONata, GROQ
  • Supports various data formats
    • JSON
    • CSV / TSV / any delimited format
    • XML
    • GraphQL
    • HTML
    • RSS/ATOM
  • Support various authentication
    • Basic authentication
    • Bearer token authentication
    • API Key authentication
    • OAuth passthrough
    • OAuth2 client credentials
    • OAuth2 JWT authentication
    • AWS/Azure/GCP authentication
    • Digest authentication
  • Supports alerting, recorded queries, public dashboards, query caching
  • Utility variable functions
  • Supports for Grafana node graph panel, annotations etc

⚠️ Known Limitations

Infinity plugin have the following known limitations

  • Backend features such as alerting, public dashboards, recorded queries, enterprise query caching only available in backend parsing mode
  • For list of all known bugs, check here