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Infinity data source plugin for Grafana

Infinity data source plugin for Grafana

The Infinity data source plugin allows you to query and visualize data from JSON / CSV / GraphQL / XML / HTML endpoints.

📊 Overview

Universal data source plugin for pulling data from various systems into Grafana using existing REST APIs. Grafana’s go-to plugin for cases when native plugin doesn’t exist yet.

Infinity datasource plugin for Grafana

Give it a try using Grafana Play

With Grafana Play, you can explore and see how it works, learning from practical examples to accelerate your development. This feature can be seen on Infinity plugin demo.

🎯 Key Features

  • Get data from multiple sources into grafana
  • Flexible data manipulation with UQL, JSONata, GROQ
  • Supports various data formats such as JSON, CSV
  • Support various authentication
    • Basic authentication
    • Bearer token authentication
    • API Key authentication
    • OAuth passthrough
    • OAuth2 client credentials
    • OAuth2 JWT authentication
    • AWS/Azure/GCP authentication
    • Digest authentication
  • Supports alerting, recorded queries, public dashboards, query caching
  • Utility variable functions
  • Supports for Grafana node graph panel, annotations etc

🎯 Supported data formats

⚠️ Known Limitations

Infinity plugin have the following known limitations

  • Backend features such as alerting, public dashboards, recorded queries, enterprise query caching only available in backend parsing mode
  • Infinity is not designed for handling huge amount of data. When inlining the data, make sure they are small snippets less than 1MB of size
  • For list of all known bugs, check here