Open source

You can install the plugin using grafana-cli, or by downloading the plugin manually.

Install using grafana-cli

To install the latest version of the plugin, run the following command on the Grafana server:

In linux/macos, you can install the plugin using the following command

grafana-cli plugins install marcusolsson-json-datasource

whereas in windows machine, use the following command

grafana-cli.exe plugins install marcusolsson-json-datasource

Install manually

  1. Go to Releases on the GitHub project page

  2. Find the release you want to install

  3. Download the release by clicking the release asset called marcusolsson-json-datasource-<version>.zip. You may need to un-collapse the Assets section to see it.

  4. Unarchive the plugin into the Grafana plugins directory.

    In linux/macos, you can use the following command to extract the plugin

    unzip marcusolsson-json-datasource-<version>.zip
    mv marcusolsson-json-datasource /var/lib/grafana/plugins

    In windows, you can use the following command to extract the plugin

    Expand-Archive -Path marcusolsson-json-datasource-<version>.zip -DestinationPath C:\grafana\data\plugins
  5. Restart the Grafana server to load the plugin