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Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

OPC UA Datasource plugin for Grafana

Utilizing the datasource plugin framework, this projects allows you to access data from OPC UA servers directly from Grafana.


To build on any platform:

  • yarn build

full dashboard


Currently used in production and under active maintenance

What works

  • Browsing and adding multiple servers
  • Authenticated connection with certificate or no security
  • Graphical query editor
  • Data Access (DA)
  • Historical Access (HA / HDA)
  • Alarms & Conditions (AC / AE)

What needs to be implemented

  • OPCUA DA Subscriptions: These are the ones where you will not need to hit the refresh button. If you have subscribed to a data point at 500ms, you will get an unsolicited update every 500ms.
  • Password authentication
  • Two-way communication with the OPC UA server (currently read only)

Description and Architecture

This plugin uses GRPC and a C# backend to communicate with Grafana directly. See pkg/dotnet directory for the backend component


  • yarn install to install dependencies
  • yarn build | yarn dev to build the plugin
  • make build to build the backend component

Restart Grafana and you should have the datasource installed.


You will need to add a plugin specific configuration section to your configuration file (grafana.conf)

data_dir = "/some/path/to/config/grafana-opcua-datasource"

An example of this using common linux default paths would be

data_dir = "/var/lib/grafana-opcua-datasource"


Contributions that addresses the needs above or other feature you’d like to see are most welcome. Fork the project and commit a PR with your requests.

Prediktor is a proud contributor Open Software like this project and open standards like OPC UA fits perfectly with our quest to give our clients the freedom to operate. To know more about our offerings and get in touch, check out

  • Prediktor has a public test OPC UA Server running at opc.tcp:// It provides a small information model with Realtime/Historic data and Alarms&Events. Feel free to use it

  • You can find complementary OPC UA Grafana panel plugins at


Q: Can it read OPC Classic DA/HDA/AE?

A: Yes, provided use use the OPC Foundations COMIOP wrapper, which you can find here. You will need to configure IOP to wrap your OPC COM server. Tested against Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian and Matrikon OPC Simulation Server.


The OPC UA datasource should be

  • Easy to use
  • Graphically configurable
  • Smart (ie: Able to use metadata from the browsing of tags to ease configuration in whatever panel the datasource is interacting with)
  • Robust and Reliable (of course!)