OpenTelemetry Data Visualization Explore OpenTelemetry Traces in Tempo
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Explore OpenTelemetry Traces in Tempo

Once you have data being sent to your Grafana Cloud or OSS stack, you can view trace data via Grafana’s Explore UI. This document focuses on launching Explore from a Grafana Cloud stack, but navigation for an OSS stack should be similar.

To explore OpenTelemetry data, go to your Grafana Cloud console, select your Grafana instance and click Launch.

Grafana Cloud console

Then select Explore from the left side menu.

Grafana Cloud console side menu options

Once Explore opens, select your Tempo instance from the dropdown menu.
When using GrafanaCloud, the naming convention is grafanacloud-<STACK_NAME>-traces.

To view the OpenTelemetry traces in Tempo, select your application in the first row (“Resource Service Name”):

Tempo basic query code view in Explore UI

Clicking on a Trace ID opens up a view on the right side with details about the spans in the trace, such as the HTTP status code:

Tempo trace detail view