Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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MS Teams integration for Grafana OnCall

The Microsoft Teams integration for Grafana OnCall embeds your MS Teams channels directly into your incident response workflow to help your team focus on alert resolution.

Integrating MS Teams with Grafana OnCall allows users to be notified of alerts directly in MS Teams with automated escalation steps and user notification preferences. Users can also take action on alerts directly from MS Teams, including acknowledge, unacknowledge, resolve, and silence.

Before you begin

NOTE: This integration is available to Grafana Cloud instances of Grafana OnCall only.

The following is required to connect to Microsoft Teams to Grafana OnCall:

  • You must have Admin permissions in your Grafana Cloud instance.
  • You must have Owner permissions in Microsoft Teams.
  • Install the Grafana OnCall app from the Microsoft Marketplace.

Install Microsoft Teams integration for Grafana OnCall

  1. Navigate to Settings tab in Grafana OnCall.
  2. From the Chat Ops tab, select Microsoft Teams in the side menu.
  3. Follow the steps provided to connect to your Teams channels, then click Done.
  4. To add additional teams and channels click +Add MS Teams channel again and repeat step 3 as needed.

Post-install configuration for Microsoft Teams integration

Configure the following settings to ensure Grafana OnCall alerts are routed to the intended Teams channels and users:

  • Set a default channel from the list of connected MS Teams channels. This is where alerts will be sent unless otherwise specified in escalation chains.
  • Ensure all users verify their MS Teams account in their Grafana OnCall user profile.

Connect Microsoft Teams user to Grafana OnCall

  1. From the Users tab in Grafana OnCall, click View my profile.
  2. In the User Info tab, navigate to Microsoft Teams username, click Connect.
  3. Follow the steps provided to connect your Teams user.
  4. Navigate back to your Grafana OnCall profile and verify that your Microsoft Teams account is linked to your Grafana OnCall user.

Configure user notifications with Microsoft Teams

To be notified of Grafana OnCall alerts via MS Teams:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab in Grafana OnCall, click Edit next to a user.
  2. In the User Info tab, edit or configure notification steps by clicking +Add Notification step
  3. Select Notify by in the first dropdown and select Microsoft Teams in the second dropdown to receive alert notifications in Teams.

Configure escalation chains to post to Microsoft Teams channels

Once your MS Teams integration is configured you can add an escalation step at the integration level to automatically send alerts from a specific integration to a channel in MS Teams.

To automatically send alerts from an integration to MS Teams channels:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab in Grafana OnCall, select an existing integration or click +New integration to receive alerts.
  2. From the integrations settings, navigate to the escalation chain panel.
  3. Enable Post to Microsoft Teams channel by selecting a channel to connect from the dropdown.