OnCall Mobile App
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Grafana OnCall Mobile App

The Grafana OnCall mobile app allows teams to monitor and respond to critical system events from anywhere. On-call engineers can start exploring the benefits of the Grafana OnCall mobile app, with real-time alerts, on-call notifications, and a growing feature set.

About Grafana OnCall mobile app

Grafana OnCall mobile app key features:

  • Override Do Not Disturb on your device to ensure delivery of important alerts
  • Receive push notifications according to your personal notification settings
  • Viewing, filtering and responding to Alert Groups (acknowledge, resolve, silence, etc).
  • Login with a quick and secure QR code authorization
  • View your on-call status and information about current and upcoming shift

The OnCall mobile app allows users to receive push notifications as part of their notification policy. Push notifications are one of the many notification options in Grafana OnCall.

Consider using multiple notification methods, such as mobile app and phone/SMS, to remain available in case of degraded internet or phone network connectivity.