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Inbound Email integration for Grafana OnCall

Inbound Email integration will consume emails from dedicated email address and make alert groups from them.

Configure required environment variables

Refer to Inbound Email Setup for details.

Configure Inbound Email integration for Grafana OnCall

You must have an Admin role to create integrations in Grafana OnCall.

  1. In the Integrations tab, click + New integration to receive alerts.
  2. Select Inbound Email from the list of available integrations.
  3. Get your dedicated email address in the Integration email section and use it to send your emails.

Grouping and auto-resolve

Alert groups will be grouped by email subject and auto-resolved if the email message text equals “OK”. This behaviour can be modified via custom templates.

Alerts from Inbound Email integration have the following payload:

   "subject": "<your_email_subject>",
   "message": "<your_email_message>",
   "sender": "<your_email_sender_address>"