Grafana OnCall On-call schedules
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On-call schedules

Grafana OnCall makes it easier to establish consistent and thoughtful on-call coverage while ensuring that alerts don’t go unnoticed. Use Grafana OnCall to:

  • Define coverage needs and avoid gaps in coverage
  • Automate alert escalation
  • Configure on-call shift notifications

This section provides conceptual information about Grafana OnCall schedule options.

About on-call schedules

An on-call schedule consist of one or more rotations that contain on-call shifts. A schedule must be referenced in the corresponding escalation chain for alert notifications to be sent to an on-call user.

A fully configured on-call schedule consists of three main components:

  • Rotations: A recurring schedule containing a set of on-call shifts that users rotate through.
  • On-call shifts: The period of time that an individual user is on-call for a particular rotation
  • Escalation Chains: Automated steps that determine who to notify of an alert group.

Types of on-call schedules

On-call schedules look different for different organizations and even teams. Grafana OnCall offers three different options for managing your on-call schedules, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Web-based schedule

Configure and manage on-call schedules directly in the Grafana OnCall plugin. Easily configure and preview rotations, see teammates’ time zones, and add overrides.

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iCal import

Use any calendar service that uses the iCal format to manage and customize on-call schedules - Import rotations and shifts from your calendar app to Grafana OnCall for widely accessible scheduling. iCal imports appear in Grafana OnCall as read-only schedules but can be leveraged similarly to a web-based schedule.

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Use the Grafana OnCall Terraform provider to manage schedules within your “as-code” workflow. Rotations configured via Terraform are automatically added to your schedules in Grafana OnCall. Similar to the iCal import, these schedules read-only and cannot be edited from the UI.

To learn more, read our Get started with Grafana OnCall and Terraform blog post.