Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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(Optional) Grafana Mimir overrides-exporter

Grafana Mimir supports applying overrides on a per-tenant basis. A number of overrides configure limits that prevent a single tenant from using too many resources. The overrides-exporter component exposes limits as Prometheus metrics so that operators can understand how close tenants are to their limits.

For more information about configuring overrides, refer to Runtime configuration file.

Running the overrides-exporter

The overrides-exporter must be explicitly enabled.

Warning: The metrics emitted by the overrides-exporter have high cardinality. It’s recommended to run only a single replica of the overrides-exporter to limit that cardinality.

With a runtime.yaml file as follows:

# file: runtime.yaml
# In this example, we're overriding ingestion limits for a single tenant.
    ingestion_burst_size: 350000
    ingestion_rate: 350000
    max_global_series_per_metric: 300000
    max_global_series_per_user: 300000

Run the overrides-exporter by providing the -target, and -runtime-config.file flags:

mimir -target=overrides-exporter -runtime-config.file=runtime.yaml

After the overrides-exporter starts, you can to use curl to inspect the tenant overrides:

curl -s http://localhost:8080/metrics | grep cortex_limits_overrides

The output metrics look similar to the following:

# HELP cortex_limits_overrides Resource limit overrides applied to tenants
# TYPE cortex_limits_overrides gauge
cortex_limits_overrides{limit_name="ingestion_burst_size",user="user1"} 350000
cortex_limits_overrides{limit_name="ingestion_rate",user="user1"} 350000
cortex_limits_overrides{limit_name="max_global_series_per_metric",user="user1"} 300000
cortex_limits_overrides{limit_name="max_global_series_per_user",user="user1"} 300000

With these metrics, you can set up alerts to know when tenants are close to hitting their limits before they exceed them.