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Grafana Mimir operator and user guideDeploying Grafana Mimir on Kubernetes

Deploying Grafana Mimir on Kubernetes

You can use Helm or Tanka to deploy Grafana Mimir on Kubernetes.


A mimir-distributed Helm chart that deploys Grafana Mimir in microservices mode is available in the grafana/helm-charts repo.


Grafana Labs also publishes jsonnet files that you can use to deploy Grafana Mimir in microservices mode. To locate the Jsonnet files and a README file, refer to Jsonnet for Mimir on Kubernetes.

The README explains how to use tanka and jsonnet-bundler to generate Kubernetes YAML manifests from the jsonnet files. Alternatively, if you are familiar with tanka, you can use it directly to deploy Grafana Mimir.