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OAuth Integration

OAuth Integration

Grafana Enterprise Metrics supports the OpenID Connect (OIDC) core standard to validate tokens. This allows you to integrate GEM with an existing OAuth token provider at your organization.

To support OIDC, provide the URL of the OIDC provider (issuer) in the auth.admin.oidc.issuer-url setting. The provider is required to have the OIDC Discovery endpoint (also known as “well known endpoint”) at <issuer-url>/.well-known/openid-configuration, as described in the openid standard.

A JWT is included as the password in HTTP basic authentication or as part of a bearer token in bearer authentication. The bearer token should have two parts separated by a :. The first part is the tenant ID. The second part is the JWT.

The JWT is validated against the OIDC provider specified above. If it is valid then an access policy name is extracted. The regular expression in auth.admin.oidc.access_policy_regex is run against the JWT claim field specified in auth.admin.oidc.access_policy_claim.

A sub-match has to be present to extract the access policy. Only the first sub-match is used. You can use the regular expression (.*) for the whole claim field.

The regular expression syntax is RE2.


To use OIDC specify the auth.type as enterprise. Here is an example auth section:

  type: enterprise
      access_policy_claim: "sub"
      access_policy_regex: "pref-([0-9]+)-.*"

Here is an example payload section of a valid JWT:

  "sub": "pref-1234567890-abc",
  "name": "John Doe",
  "admin": true

The extracted access policy is 1234567890.