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Grafana Enterprise Metrics

Grafana Enterprise Metrics is a commercial offering based on the open-source project Cortex. The commercial offering allows you to deploy a higly-scalable, simple, and reliable Metrics cluster in your own datacenter.

Grafana Enterprise Metrics features

With Grafana Enterprise Metrics, you get access to new features, including:

  • Instance management to easily scale from one to hundreds of metrics instances on a single Grafana Enterprise Metrics cluster. Each instance providing a isolated logical separation of the cluster. Operators have full control over the instances running on their cluster, by either using the built-in API directly or the official Grafana Labs Grafana Enterprise Metrics plugin.
  • Token based authentication to create and manage tokens with configurable access parameters to interact with Metrics instances.
  • Remote-write rule forwarding to forward series from your metrics instance to any Prometheus remote-write compatible endpoint.
  • Fine-grained access control to have granular control over what access your users have to data stored in GEM.
  • Scalability enhancements like time-based sharding during compaction which allow GEM to support single instances with hundreds of millions of active series.
  • OSS Cortex compatible to ensure the metrics-enterprise binary can be seamlessly dropped into an existing Cortex deployment.

Upcoming features

  • Self-monitoring out-of-the-box
  • API-driven instance limits
  • Per-instance usage insights

Try Grafana Enterprise Metrics

To purchase or obtain a trial license contact the Grafana Labs Sales Team.

To download the Grafana Enterprise Metrics binary visit the download page