Getting StartedSetup Grafana Plugin

Setup Metrics Enterprise in Grafana

Option A: Install plugin in existing Grafana

To install the Grafana Metrics Enterprise App for your Grafana instance you can use grafana-cli:

$ grafana-cli \
   --pluginUrl \
   plugins install grafana-metrics-enterprise-app

Following the installation Grafana requires a restart too make the plugin available.

Option B: Using a local Grafana in a Docker container

For a local test environment docker can be used in the following way:

$ docker run \
   -d \
   -p 3000:3000 \
   --name=grafana \
   --network=metrics-enterprise \
   -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=;grafana-metrics-enterprise-app" \

Configure backend details

For the plugin to be able to connect to the Metrics Enterprise backend, you need to follow those steps:

  1. Navigate to the plugin settings in your Grafana at Configuration ≫ Plugins ≫ Grafana Metrics Enterprise.

  2. Click on enable to activate the plugin.

  3. Enter the bootstrap token from the previous step into Access Token.

Now you can navigate to the Grafana Metrics Enterprise plugin through the main menu and you should able to all replicas of the cluster in the Ingester tab.

Next: Ingest some metrics

Now you can continue with the next step, which shows you how to configure Metrics Enterprise to accept metrics and visualize them in Grafana.