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Prepare Changelog

Changelog is the list of all the important changes (features, bug-fix, optimizations, docs) that are part of particular Loki release.

Before you begin

  1. Determine the VERSION_PREFIX.

  2. The changelog in Grafana Loki works as follows.

    We have that records both unreleased and released changes.

    Preparing changelog for Loki release at high level is basically two steps

    1. Move unreleased changes to specific version on release-VERSION_PREFIX branch.
    2. Reflect those changes on main branch.


  1. Make sure the CHANGELOG on release-VERSION_PREFIX branch is up to date.

    1. Check the commits diffs between the new version (example: 2.9.x) and the most recent older version (example: 2.8.x) via
    1. Check if any of those commits are important enough to add to the CHANGELOG.
  2. On the release-VERSION_PREFIX branch promote Main/Unreleased to VERSION (YYY-MM-DD). Example PR.

  3. On the main branch remove entries from Main/Unreleased that are already part of VERSION (YYY-MM-DD). Example PR.