MaintainingReleasing Loki Build Image

Releasing loki-build-image

The loki-build-image is the Docker image used to run tests and build Grafana Loki binaries in CI.

The image is released with any change to ./loki-build-image on main.

How To Use a New Release

  1. Update the version tag of the loki-build-image pipeline defined in .drone/drone.jsonnet (search for pipeline('loki-build-image')).
  2. Merge change into main and wait for the release.
  3. Update BUILD_IMAGE_VERSION in the Makefile.
  4. Update the image version in all the other places it exists
    1. Dockerfiles in cmd directory
    2. .circleci/config.yml
  5. Run make drone BUILD_IN_CONTAINER=false to rebuild the drone yml file with the new image version (the image version in the Makefile is used)
  6. Merge change into main.