Grafana Loki Maintaining Releasing Loki Build Image
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Releasing loki-build-image

The loki-build-image is the Docker image used to run tests and build Grafana Loki binaries in CI.

The build and publish process of the image is triggered upon a merge to main if there were made any changes in the folder ./loki-build-image/.

Building and using the loki-build-image is a two-step process.

As a first step to build the new image, you need to create a pull request with the desired changes to the Dockerfile. To increase the version of the image, you also need to update the version tag of the loki-build-image pipeline defined in .drone/drone.jsonnet (search for pipeline('loki-build-image')) and run DRONE_SERVER= DRONE_TOKEN=<token> make drone and commit the changes to the same pull request. Once approved and merged to main, the image with the new version is built.

The new image can only be used after updating the BUILD_IMAGE_VERSION in the Makefile a second step. After changing the version in the Makefile and updating it in all other places where the image is used:

  • Dockerfiles in cmd directory
  • .circleci/config.yml

run BUILD_IN_CONTAINER=false make drone again and submit a PR with the generated changes.