Grafana Loki Installation Deploy on Kubernetes Upgrade the Helm Chart to 3.0
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Upgrading from v2.x

v3.x represents a major milestone for this chart, showing a committment by the Loki team to provide a better supported, scalable helm chart. In addition to moving the source code for this helm chart into the Loki repo itself, it also combines what were previously two separate charts, grafana/loki and grafana/loki-simple-scalable into one chart. This chart will automatically assume the “Single Binary” mode previously deployed by the grafana/loki chart if you are using a filesystem backend, and will assume the “Scalable” mode previoulsy deployed by the grafana/loki-simple-scalable chart if you are using an object storage backend.

As a result of this major change, upgrades from the charts this replaces might be difficult. We are attempting to support the 3 most common upgrade paths.

  1. Upgrade from grafana/loki using local filesystem storage
  2. Upgrade from grafana/loki-simple-scalable using a cloud based object storage such as S3 or GCS, or an api compatible equivilent like MinIO.

Upgrading from grafana/loki

The default installation of grafana/loki is a single instance backed by filesystem storage that is not highly available. As a result, this upgrade method will involve downtime. The upgrade will involve deleting the previously deployed loki stateful set, the running the helm upgrade which will create the new one with the same name, which should attach to the existing PVC or ephemeral storage, thus preserving you data. Will still highly recommend backing up all data before conducting the upgrade.

To upgrade, you will need at least the following in your values.yaml:

    replication_factor: 1
    type: 'filesystem'

You will need to 1. Update the grafana helm repo, 2. delete the exsiting stateful set, and 3. updgrade making sure to have the values above included in your values.yaml. If you installed grafana/loki as loki in namespace loki, the commands would be:

helm repo update grafana
kubectl -n loki delete statefulsets.apps loki
helm upgrade loki grafana/loki \
  --values values.yaml \
  --namespace loki

You will need to manually delete the existing stateful set for the above command to work.

Upgrading from grafana/loki-simple-scalable

As this chart is largely based off the grafana/loki-simple-scalable chart, you should be able to use your existing values.yaml file and just upgrade to the new chart name. For example, if you installed the grafana/loki-simple-scalable chart as loki in the namespace loki, your upgrade would be:

helm repo update grafana
helm upgrade loki grafana/loki \
  --values values.yaml \
  --namespace loki