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Starting on k6 v0.49, the experimental module k6/experimental/grpc has been graduated, and its functionality is now available in the k6/net/grpc module. The k6/experimental/grpc is deprecated and will be removed in v0.51.0.

To migrate your scripts, replace all k6/experimental/grpc imports with k6/net/grpc.

The k6/experimental/grpc module is an extension of the k6/net/grpc. It provides a gRPC client for Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) over HTTP/2.

Starting on k6 v0.49, the k6/net/grpc module provides streaming support. We recommend using the k6/net/grpc module instead of k6/experimental/grpc.

ClientgRPC client used for making RPC calls to a gRPC Server.
Client.load(importPaths, …protoFiles)Loads and parses the given protocol buffer definitions to be made available for RPC requests.
Client.connect(address [,params])Connects to a given gRPC service.
Client.invoke(url, request [,params])Makes a unary RPC for the given service/method and returns a Response.
Client.close()Close the connection to the gRPC service.
ParamsRPC Request specific options.
ResponseReturned by RPC requests.
ConstantsDefine constants to distinguish between gRPC Response statuses.
StreamCreates a new GRPC stream.
Stream.on(event, handler)Adds a new listener to one of the possible stream event’s.
Stream.write(message)Writes a message to the stream.
Stream.end()Signals to server that client finished sending.


k6 takes specific measurements for gRPC requests. For the complete list, refer to the Metrics reference.


import grpc from 'k6/experimental/grpc';
import { check, sleep } from 'k6';

const client = new grpc.Client();
client.load(['definitions'], 'hello.proto');

export default () => {
  client.connect('', {
    // plaintext: false

  const data = { greeting: 'Bert' };
  const response = client.invoke('hello.HelloService/SayHello', data);

  check(response, {
    'status is OK': (r) => r && r.status === grpc.StatusOK,