Grafana k6 JavaScript API jslib aws SecretsManagerClient SecretsManagerClient.createSecret(name, secretString, description, [versionID], [tags])
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SecretsManagerClient.createSecret(name, secretString, description, [versionID], [tags])

SecretsManagerClient.createSecret creates a secret in AWS’ secrets manager.


namestringThe friendly name of the secret. You can use forward slashes in the name to represent a path hierarchy.
secretStringstringThe text data to encrypt and store in this new version of the secret. We recommend you use a JSON structure of key/value pairs for your secret value.
descriptionstringThe description of the secret.
versionID (optional)stringOptional unique version identifier for the created secret. If no versionID is provided, an auto-generated UUID will be used instead.
tags (optional)Array<{“key”: “value”},>A list of tags to attach to the secret. Each tag is a key and value pair of strings in a JSON text string


Promise<Secret>A Promise that fulfills with a Secret object that contains the details of the created secret.


import { AWSConfig, SecretsManagerClient } from '';

const awsConfig = new AWSConfig({
  region: __ENV.AWS_REGION,
  accessKeyId: __ENV.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
  secretAccessKey: __ENV.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,

const secretsManager = new SecretsManagerClient(awsConfig);
const testSecretName = 'jslib-test-secret';
const testSecretValue = 'jslib-test-value';

export default async function () {
  // Let's create our test secret.
  const testSecret = await secretsManager.createSecret(
    'this is a test secret, delete me.'

  // Let's get its value and verify it was indeed created.
  const createdSecret = await secretsManager.getSecret(testSecretName);

A k6 script that will create a secret in AWS secrets manager