hosted-metrics-api Helm Installation

Helm Installation


Before deploying this service into a Kubernetes cluster you will first need

  • A kubernetes cluster
  • A Cassandra cluster
  • A Kafka cluster
  • A Zookeeper cluster (requirement of Kafka)
  • A registry key provided by GrafanaLabs to access the docker repository
  • A functioning helm setup that has permissions to create resources on the Kubernetes cluster

GCR Secret

To get access to the HM-API docker image a GCR Key is required. If you don’t have that key yet, please contact us to get one.

The GCR Secret will need to be provided to the Helm chart as a value under this name:


To add your secret into the values.yaml file the following commands can be used:

SECRET=$(cat grafanalabs-keyfile.json)
sed -i "s/<putSecretHere>/$SECRET/g" scripts/helm/hm-api/values.yaml

Adjust settings

In the file scripts/helm/hm-api/values.yaml there are various settings to customize, common ones to pay to attention are:

  • clusterName
  • defaultDomain
  • apiUser
  • apiPass

Deploy HM-API

To deploy HM-API simply install the helm chart on your cluster:

helm install --namespace metrictank  scripts/helm/hm-api