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Migrate the Helm chart from version 4.x to 5.0

The mimir-distributed Helm chart version 5.0 and later does not install PodSecurityPolicy objects on Kubernetes version 1.24 by default to prepare for upgrade to Kubernetes version 1.25.


  • This procedure is only applicable if rbac.create is true and rbac.type is psp in your current Helm values. This was the case by default before Helm chart version 5.0.


  1. If rbac.create is false or rbac.type is scc, then there is nothing to do, skip the whole procedure.
  2. Choose between the following options:
    1. If you are on Kubernetes version 1.22 or later and already have Pod Security Admission set up, you don’t need to do anything and can upgrade to Helm chart version 5.0.
    2. If you are on Kubernetes version 1.22 or later but don’t have Pod Security Admission set up and want to upgrade to Kubernetes version 1.25 after this procedure, then follow the Migrate to Kubernetes version 1.25 guide.
    3. If you are on Kubernetes version 1.24 and want to keep using PodSecurityPolicy, then merge the following setting into your custom values file:
        forcePSPOnKubernetes124: true


Using rbac.forcePSPOnKubernetes124 equal true value prevents you from upgrading to Kubernetes version 1.25.