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Configure native histograms

To enable support for ingesting Prometheus native histograms over the remote write API endpoint, set the configuration parameter native_histograms_ingestion_enabled to true.

To enable support for querying native histograms together with Grafana Mimir query sharding, set the configuration parameter query_result_response_format to protobuf.

Example values file:

      query_result_response_format: protobuf
      native_histograms_ingestion_enabled: true

Note: Native histograms is an experimental feature of Grafana Mimir.

Configure Prometheus to write native histograms to Grafana Mimir

To enable experimental support for scraping and ingesting native histograms in Prometheus, enable the feature with the flag --enable-feature=native-histograms.

To enable Prometheus remote write to send native histograms to Grafana Mimir, add the send_native_histograms: true parameter to your remote write configuration, for example:

  - url: <your-url>
    send_native_histograms: true