Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Configure feature toggles

You use feature toggles, also known as feature flags, to turn experimental or beta features on and off in Grafana. Although we do not recommend using these features in production, you can turn on feature toggles to try out new functionality in development or test environments.

This page contains a list of available feature toggles. To learn how to turn on feature toggles, refer to our Configure Grafana documentation. Feature toggles are also available to Grafana Cloud Advanced customers. If you use Grafana Cloud Advanced, you can open a support ticket and specify the feature toggles and stack for which you want them enabled.

Stable feature toggles

Some stable features are enabled by default. You can disable a stable feature by setting the feature flag to “false” in the configuration.

Feature toggle nameDescriptionEnabled by default
disableEnvelopeEncryptionDisable envelope encryption (emergency only)
database_metricsAdd Prometheus metrics for database tables
lokiMonacoEditorAccess to Monaco query editor for LokiYes
featureHighlightsHighlight Grafana Enterprise features
commandPaletteEnable command paletteYes
cloudWatchDynamicLabelsUse dynamic labels instead of alias patterns in CloudWatch datasourceYes
internationalizationEnables internationalizationYes
cloudWatchCrossAccountQueryingEnables cross-account querying in CloudWatch datasourcesYes
accessTokenExpirationCheckEnable OAuth access_token expiration check and token refresh using the refresh_token
disablePrometheusExemplarSamplingDisable Prometheus exemplar sampling
logsSampleInExploreEnables access to the logs sample feature in ExploreYes

Beta feature toggles

Feature toggle nameDescription
trimDefaultsUse cue schema to remove values that will be applied automatically
panelTitleSearchSearch for dashboards using panel title
prometheusAzureOverrideAudienceExperimental. Allow override default AAD audience for Azure Prometheus endpoint
swaggerUiServes swagger UI
migrationLockingLock database during migrations
newDBLibraryUse jmoiron/sqlx rather than xorm for a few backend services
validateDashboardsOnSaveValidate dashboard JSON POSTed to api/dashboards/db
autoMigrateGraphPanelsReplace the angular graph panel with timeseries
datasourceLoggerLogs all datasource requests
accessControlOnCallAccess control primitives for OnCall
alertingNoNormalStateStop maintaining state of alerts that are not firing
topNavCommandPaletteLaunch the Command Palette from the top navigation search box

Alpha feature toggles

These features are early in their development lifecycle and so are not yet supported in Grafana Cloud. Alpha features might be changed or removed without prior notice.

Feature toggle nameDescription
returnUnameHeaderReturn user login as header for authenticated requests
alertingBigTransactionsUse big transactions for alerting database writes
dashboardPreviewsCreate and show thumbnails for dashboard search results
live-configSave Grafana Live configuration in SQL tables
live-pipelineEnable a generic live processing pipeline
live-service-web-workerThis will use a webworker thread to processes events rather than the main thread
queryOverLiveUse Grafana Live WebSocket to execute backend queries
publicDashboardsEnables public access to dashboards
lokiLiveSupport WebSocket streaming for loki (early prototype)
lokiDataframeApiUse experimental loki api for WebSocket streaming (early prototype)
dashboardCommentsEnable dashboard-wide comments
annotationCommentsEnable annotation comments
storageConfigurable storage for dashboards, datasources, and resources
supportBundlesSupport bundles for troubleshooting
exploreMixedDatasourceEnable mixed datasource in Explore
tracingAdds trace ID to error notifications
correlationsCorrelations page
datasourceQueryMultiStatusIntroduce HTTP 207 Multi Status for api/ds/query
traceToMetricsEnable trace to metrics links
prometheusWideSeriesEnable wide series responses in the Prometheus datasource
canvasPanelNestingAllow elements nesting
scenesExperimental framework to build interactive dashboards
disableSecretsCompatibilityDisable duplicated secret storage in legacy tables
logRequestsInstrumentedAsUnknownLogs the path for requests that are instrumented as unknown
dataConnectionsConsoleEnables a new top-level page called Connections. This page is an experiment that provides a better experience when you install and configure data sources and other plugins.
topnavNew top nav and page layouts
flameGraphShow the flame graph
redshiftAsyncQueryDataSupportEnable async query data support for Redshift
athenaAsyncQueryDataSupportEnable async query data support for Athena
increaseInMemDatabaseQueryCacheEnable more in memory caching for database queries
newPanelChromeUIShow updated look and feel of grafana-ui PanelChrome: panel header, icons, and menu
showDashboardValidationWarningsShow warnings when dashboards do not validate against the schema
mysqlAnsiQuotesUse double quotes to escape keyword in a MySQL query
elasticsearchBackendMigrationUse Elasticsearch as backend data source
secureSocksDatasourceProxyEnable secure socks tunneling for supported core datasources
authnServiceUse new auth service to perform authentication
sessionRemoteCacheEnable using remote cache for user sessions
alertingBacktestingRule backtesting API for alerting
editPanelCSVDragAndDropEnables drag and drop for CSV and Excel files
logsContextDatasourceUiAllow datasource to provide custom UI for context view
onlyExternalOrgRoleSyncProhibits a user from changing organization roles synced with external auth providers
prometheusMetricEncyclopediaReplaces the Prometheus query builder metric select option with a paginated and filterable component
influxdbBackendMigrationQuery InfluxDB InfluxQL without the proxy
alertStateHistoryLokiSecondaryEnable Grafana to write alert state history to an external Loki instance in addition to Grafana annotations.
alertStateHistoryLokiPrimaryEnable a remote Loki instance as the primary source for state history reads.
alertStateHistoryLokiOnlyDisable Grafana alerts from emitting annotations when a remote Loki instance is available.

Development feature toggles

The following toggles require explicitly setting Grafana’s app mode to ‘development’ before you can enable this feature toggle. These features tend to be experimental.

Feature toggle nameDescription
dashboardPreviewsAdminManage the dashboard previews crawler process from the UI
showFeatureFlagsInUIShow feature flags in the settings UI
publicDashboardsEmailSharingAllows public dashboard sharing to be restricted to only allowed emails
k8sExplore native k8s integrations
k8sDashboardsSave dashboards via k8s
dashboardsFromStorageLoad dashboards from the generic storage interface
exportExport grafana instance (to git, etc)
grpcServerRun GRPC server
entityStoreSQL-based entity store (requires storage flag also)
queryLibraryReusable query library
nestedFoldersEnable folder nesting