Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

Enterprise Open source

Plugin signatures

Plugin signature verification (signing) is a security measure to make sure plugins haven’t been tampered with. Upon loading, Grafana checks to see if a plugin is signed or unsigned when inspecting and verifying its digital signature.

At startup, Grafana verifies the signatures of every plugin in the plugin directory. You can see the result of this verification for each plugin by navigating to Configuration -> Plugins.

Note: If you’re a plugin developer and want to know how to sign your plugin, refer to Sign a plugin.

Signature statusDescription
CoreCore plugin built into Grafana.
Invalid signatureThe plugin has a invalid signature.
Modified signatureThe plugin has changed since it was signed. This may indicate malicious intent.
UnsignedThe plugin is not signed.
SignedThe plugin signature was successfully verified.

Plugin signature levels

All plugins is signed under a signature level. The signature level determines how the plugin can be distributed.

Plugin LevelDescription

Private plugins are for use on your own Grafana. They may not be distributed to the Grafana community, and are not published in the Grafana catalog.


Community plugins have dependent technologies that are open source and not for profit.

Community plugins are published in the official Grafana catalog, and are available to the Grafana community.


Commercial plugins have dependent technologies that are closed source or commercially backed.

Commercial Plugins are published on the official Grafana catalog, and are available to the Grafana community.

Backend plugins

If a backend plugin is unsigned, then Grafana won’t load or start it. If you try to load a backend plugin with an missing or invalid signature, then Grafana writes an error message to the server log:

EROR[06-01|16:45:59] Failed to load plugin   error=plugin <plugin id> is unsigned

Note: All Grafana Labs authored backend plugins, including Enterprise plugins, are signed.

Allow unsigned plugins

We strongly recommend that you don’t run unsigned plugins in your Grafana installation. If you’re aware of the risks and you still want to load an unsigned plugin, refer to Configuration.

If you’ve allowed loading of an unsigned backend plugin, then Grafana writes a warning message to the server log:

WARN[06-01|16:45:59] Running an unsigned backend plugin   pluginID=<plugin id>

Note: If you’re developing a plugin, then you can enable development mode to allow all unsigned plugins.