Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

Grafana Cloud Enterprise Open source

Release notes for Grafana 9.0.3

Features and enhancements

  • Access Control: Allow dashboard admins to query org users. #51652, @IevaVasiljeva
  • Access control: Allow organisation admins to add existing users to org. #51668, @IevaVasiljeva
  • Alerting: Add method to provisioning API for obtaining a group and its rules. #51761, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Add method to provisioning API for obtaining a group and its rules. #51398, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Allow filtering of contact points by name. #51933, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Disable /api/admin/pause-all-alerts with Unified Alerting. #51895, @joeblubaugh
  • Analytics: Add total queries and cached queries in usage insights logs. (Enterprise)
  • Annotations: Use point marker for short time range annotations. #51520, @codeincarnate
  • AzureMonitor: Update UI to experimental package. #52123, @asimpson
  • AzureMonitor: Update resource and namespace metadata. #52030, @despian
  • CloudWatch: Remove simplejson in favor of ’encoding/json’. #51062, @asimpson
  • DashboardRow: Collapse shortcut prevent to move the collapsed rows. #51589, @ivanortegaalba
  • Insights: Add dashboard UID to exported logs. (Enterprise)
  • Navigation: Highlight active nav item when Grafana is served from subpath. #51767, @kianelbo
  • Plugins: InfluxDB datasource - set epoch query param value as “ms”. #51651, @itsmylife
  • Plugins: InfluxDB update time range query. #51833, @itsmylife
  • StateTimeline: Try to sort time field. #51569, @zoltanbedi

Bug fixes

  • API: Do not validate/save legacy alerts when saving a dashboard if legacy alerting is disabled. #51883, @papagian
  • Access Control: Fix missing folder permissions. #52153, @IevaVasiljeva
  • Alerting: Add method to reset notification policy tree back to the default. #51934, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Fix Teams notifier not failing on 200 response with error. #52254, @JacobsonMT
  • Alerting: Fix bug where state did not change between Alerting and Error. #52204, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Fix consistency errors in OpenAPI documentation. #51935, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Fix normalization of alert states for panel annotations. #51637, @gillesdemey
  • Alerting: Provisioning API respects global rule quota. #52180, @alexweav
  • CSRF: Fix additional headers option. #50629, @sakjur
  • Chore: Bump parse-url to 6.0.2 to fix security vulnerabilities. #51796, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2020-7753. #51752, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2021-3807. #51753, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2021-3918. #51745, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2021-43138. #51751, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2022-0155. #51755, @jackw
  • Custom Branding: Fix login logo size. (Enterprise)
  • Dashboard: Fixes tooltip issue with TimePicker and Setting buttons. #51836, @torkelo
  • Dashboard: Prevent unnecessary scrollbar when viewing single panel. #52122, @lpskdl
  • Logs: Fixed wrapping log lines from detected fields. #52108, @svennergr
  • Loki: Add missing operators in label filter expression. #51880, @ivanahuckova
  • Loki: Fix error when changing operations with different parameters. #51779, @svennergr
  • Loki: Fix suggesting of correct operations in query builder. #52034, @ivanahuckova
  • Plugins: InfluxDB variable interpolation fix. #51917, @itsmylife
  • Plugins: InfluxDB variable interpolation fix for influxdbBackendMigration feature flag. #51624, @itsmylife
  • Reports: Fix line breaks in message. (Enterprise)
  • Reports: Fix saving report formats. (Enterprise)
  • SQLstore: Fix fetching an inexistent playlist. #51962, @papagian
  • Security: Fixes for CVE-2022-31107 and CVE-2022-31097. #52279, @kminehart
  • Snapshots: Fix deleting external snapshots when using RBAC. #51897, @idafurjes
  • Table: Fix scrollbar being hidden by pagination. #51501, @zoltanbedi
  • Templating: Changing between variables with the same name now correctly triggers a dashboard refresh. #51490, @ashharrison90
  • Time series panel: Fix an issue with stacks being not complete due to the incorrect data frame length. #51910, @dprokop
  • [v9.0.x] Snapshots: Fix deleting external snapshots when using RBAC (#51897). #51904, @idafurjes