Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

Grafana Cloud Enterprise Open source

Release notes for Grafana 9.0.1

Features and enhancements

  • Alerting: Add support for image annotation in Alertmanager alerts. #50686, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Add support for images in SensuGo alerts. #50718, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Add support for images in Threema alerts. #50734, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Adds Mimir to Alertmanager data source implementation. #50943, @gillesdemey
  • Alerting: Invalid setting of enabled for unified alerting should return error. #49876, @grobinson-grafana
  • AzureMonitor: Clean namespace when changing the resource. #50311, @andresmgot
  • AzureMonitor: Update supported namespaces and filter resources by the right type. #50788, @andresmgot
  • CLI: Allow relative symlinks in zip archives when installing plugins. #50537, @marefr
  • Dashboard: Don’t show unsaved changes modal for automatic schema changes. #50822, @torkelo
  • Dashboard: Unsaved changes warning should not trigger when only pluginVersion has changed. #50677, @torkelo
  • Expression: Execute hidden expressions. #50636, @yesoreyeram
  • Geomap: Support showing tooltip content on click (not just hover). #50985, @ryantxu
  • Heatmap: Remove alpha flag from new heatmap panel. #50733, @ryantxu
  • Instrumentation: Define handlers for requests that are not handled with named handlers. #50613, @bergquist
  • Log Panel: Improve log row hover contrast and visibility. #50908, @Seyaji
  • Logs: Handle backend-mode errors in histogram. #50535, @gabor
  • Loki: Do not show histogram for instant queries. #50711, @gabor
  • Loki: Handle data source configs with path in the url. #50971, @gabor
  • Loki: Handle invalid query type values. #50755, @gabor
  • OAuth: Redirect to login if no oauth module is found or if module is not configured. #50661, @kalleep
  • OptionsUI: Move internal options editors out of @grafana/ui. #50739, @ryantxu
  • Prometheus: Don’t show undefined for step in collapsed options in query editor when value is “auto”. #50511, @aocenas
  • Prometheus: Show query patterns in all editor modes for Prometheus and Loki. #50263, @ivanahuckova
  • Tempo: Add link to Tempo Search with node service selected. #49776, @joey-grafana
  • Time Series Panel: Add Null Filling and “No Value” Support. #50907, @codeincarnate
  • TimeSeries: Add an option to set legend width. #49126, @bobrik
  • Timeseries: Improve cursor Y sync behavior. #50740, @ryantxu
  • Traces: Do not use red in span colors as this looks like an error. #50074, @joey-grafana

Bug fixes


Support for compact Explore URLs is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Until then, when navigating to Explore using the deprecated format the URLs are automatically converted. If you have existing links pointing to Explore update them using the format generated by Explore upon navigation.

You can identify a compact URL by its format. Compact URLs have the left (and optionally right) url parameter as an array of strings, for example &left=["now-1h","now"...]. The standard explore URLs follow a key/value pattern, for example &left={"datasource":"test"...}. Please be sure to check your dashboards for any hardcoded links to Explore and update them to the standard URL pattern. Issue #50873