Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Release notes for Grafana 9.0.0-beta1

Features and enhancements

  • AccessControl: Add setting for permission cache. (Enterprise)
  • AccessControl: Check dashboard permissions for reports. (Enterprise)
  • Auth: Remove grafana ui dependency to the aws sdk. #43559, @sunker
  • BasicRoles: Add API endpoint to reset basic roles permissions to factory. (Enterprise)
  • LDAP Mapping: Allow Grafana Admin mapping without org role. #37189, @krzysdabro
  • Licensing: Only enforce total number of users. (Enterprise)
  • Loki: do not convert NaN to null. #45389, @gabor
  • Report: API support for multiple dashboards. (Enterprise)
  • Report: Support sending embedded image in the report email. (Enterprise)
  • Report: UI for multiple dashboards. (Enterprise)
  • Reporting: Remove redundant empty attachment when export to CSV is enabled. (Enterprise)
  • SAML: Implement Name Templates for assertion_attribute_name option. (Enterprise)
  • SSE/Alerting: Support prom instant vector responses. #44865, @kylebrandt
  • Tracing: Add trace to metrics config behind feature toggle. #46298, @connorlindsey

Bug fixes

  • Fix: Prevent automatic parsing of string data types to numbers. #46035, @joshhunt
  • Prometheus: Fix inconsistent labels in exemplars resulting in marshal json error. #46135, @hanjm

Breaking changes

In the Loki data source, for consistency and performance reasons, we changed how we represent NaN (not a number) values received from Loki. In the past versions, we converted these to null in the frontend (for dashboard and explore), and kept as NaN in the alerting path. Starting with this version, we will always keep it as NaN. This change should be mostly invisible for the users. Issue #45389

The dependency to grafana/aws-sdk is moved from grafana/ui to the plugin. This means that any plugin that use SIGV4 auth need to pass a SIGV4 editor component as a prop to the DataSourceHttpSettings component. Issue #43559