Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

Grafana Cloud Enterprise Open source

Release notes for Grafana 8.5.0

Features and enhancements

  • Alerting: Add contact points provisioning API. #47197, @JohnnyQQQQ
  • Alerting: Add resolved count to notification title when both firing and resolved present. #46697, @JacobsonMT
  • Alerting: Alert rule should wait For duration when execution error state is Alerting. #47052, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Classic conditions can now display multiple values. #46971, @gotjosh
  • Alerting: Display query from grafana-managed alert rules on /api/v1/rules. #45969, @gotjosh
  • Alerting: Enhance support for arbitrary group names in managed alerts. #47785, @gillesdemey
  • Alerting: add field for custom slack endpoint. #45751, @nathanrodman
  • Azure Monitor : Adding json formatting of error messages in Panel Header Corner and Inspect Error Tab. #44877, @yaelleC
  • Azure Monitor: Add 2 more Curated Dashboards for VM Insights. #45187, @jcolladokuri
  • CloudWatch: Handle new error codes for MetricInsights. #47033, @Gabrielopesantos
  • Dashboards: show changes in save dialog. #46557, @ryantxu
  • DataSource: Default data source is no longer a persisted state but just the default data source for new panels. #45132, @torkelo
  • DataSourcePlugin API: Allow queries import when changing data source type. #47435, @dprokop
  • Explore: Remove return to panel button. #45018, @gelicia
  • Explore: allow users to save Explore state to a new panel in a new dashboard. #45148, @Elfo404
  • Instrumentation: Proxy status code correction and various improvements. #47473, @marefr
  • Logging: Introduce feature toggle to activate gokit/log format. #47336, @ying-jeanne
  • NewsPanel: Add support for Atom feeds. #45390, @kaydelaney
  • Plugins: Add deprecation notice for /api/tsdb/query endpoint. #45238, @wbrowne
  • Plugins: Adding support for traceID field to accept variables. #45559, @vinisdl
  • PostgreSQL: __unixEpochGroup to support arithmetic expression as argument. #46764, @s0nik42
  • Profile/Help: Expose option to disable profile section and help menu. #46308, @cameronwaterman
  • Prometheus: Enable new visual query builder by default. #46634, @torkelo
  • SAML: Allow disabling of SAML signups. #47481, @mmandrus
  • SAML: Allow disabling of SAML signups. (Enterprise)
  • Table: New pagination option. #45732, @zoltanbedi
  • TablePanel: Add cell inspect option. #45620, @dprokop
  • Tempo / Trace Viewer: Support Span Links in Trace Viewer. #45632, @Shachi16
  • Tempo: Download span references in data inspector. #47074, @connorlindsey
  • Tempo: Separate trace to logs and loki search datasource config. #46655, @connorlindsey
  • Trace View: Show number of child spans. #44393, @tharun208
  • Transformations: Support escaped characters in key-value pair parsing. #47901, @aangelisc

Bug fixes

  • Azure Monitor: Bug Fix for incorrect variable cascading for template variables. #47478, @jcolladokuri
  • CloudWatch: List all metrics properly in SQL autocomplete. #45898, @sunker
  • CloudWatch: Run query on blur in logs query field. #47454, @fridgepoet
  • Dashboard: Template variables are now correctly persisted when clicking breadcrumb links. #46790, @ashharrison90
  • DashboardPage: Remember scroll position when coming back panel edit / view panel. #47639, @torkelo
  • Panel Edit: Options search now works correctly when a logarithmic scale option is set. #47927, @ashharrison90
  • Postgres: Return tables with hyphenated schemes. #45754, @zuchka
  • Table panel: Fix horizontal scrolling when pagination is enabled. #47776, @dprokop
  • Variables: Ensure variables in query params are correctly recognised. #47049, @ashharrison90
  • Variables: Fix crash when changing query variable datasource. #44957, @joshhunt
  • Visualizations: Stack negative-valued series downwards. #47373, @leeoniya

Breaking changes

For a proxied request, e.g. Grafana’s datasource or plugin proxy:

  • If the request is cancelled, e.g. from the browser/by the client, the HTTP status code is now 499 Client closed request instead of 502 Bad gateway
  • If the request times out, e.g. takes longer time than allowed, the HTTP status code is now 504 Gateway timeout instead of 502 Bad gateway. Issue #47473

The change in behavior is that negative-valued series are now stacked downwards from 0 (in their own stacks), rather than downwards from the top of the positive stacks. We now automatically group stacks by Draw style, Line interpolation, and Bar alignment, making it impossible to stack bars on top of lines, or smooth lines on top of stepped lines. Issue #47373

The meaning of the default data source has now changed from being a persisted property in a panel. Before when you selected the default data source for a panel and later changed the default data source to another data source it would change all panels who were configured to use the default data source. From now on the default data source is just the default for new panels and changing the default will not impact any currently saved dashboards. Issue #45132

The Tooltip component provided by @grafana/ui is no longer automatically interactive (that is you can hover onto it and click a link or select text). It will from now on by default close automatically when you mouse out from the trigger element. To make tooltips behave like before set the new interactive property to true.
Issue #45053


/api/tsdb/query API has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use /api/ds/query instead. Issue #45238

Plugin development fixes & changes