Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Release notes for Grafana 8.2.0-beta2

Features and enhancements

  • AccessControl: Document new permissions restricting data source access. #39091, @gamab
  • Add fiscal years and search to time picker. #39073, @oscarkilhed
  • Alerting: Added support for Unified Alerting with Grafana HA. #37920, @gotjosh
  • Alerting: Added support for tune rule evaluation using configuration options. #35623, @papagian
  • Alerting: Cleanups alertmanager namespace from key-value store when disabling Grafana 8 alerts. #39554, @papagian
  • Alerting: Remove ngalert feature toggle and introduce two new settings for enabling Grafana 8 alerts and disabling them for specific organisations. #38746, @papagian
  • CloudWatch: Introduced new math expression where it is necessary to specify the period field. #39458, @sunker
  • InfluxDB: Added support for $__interval and $__interval_ms in Flux queries for alerting. #38889, @gabor
  • InfluxDB: Flux queries can use more precise start and end timestamps with nanosecond-precision. #39415, @gabor
  • Plugins Catalog: Make the catalog the default way to interact with plugins. #39779, @leventebalogh
  • Prometheus: Removed autocomplete limit for metrics. #39363, @ivanahuckova

Bug fixes

  • Alerting: Fixed an issue where the edit page crashes if you tried to preview an alert without a condition set. #39659, @peterholmberg
  • Alerting: Fixed rules migration to keep existing Grafana 8 alert rules. #39541, @yuri-tceretian
  • Alerting: Fixed the silence file content generated during migration. #39557, @papagian
  • Analytics: Fixed an issue related to interaction event propagation in Azure Application Insights. #39752, @sunker
  • BarGauge: Fixed an issue where the cell color was lit even though there was no data. #39574, @ashharrison90
  • BarGauge: Improved handling of streaming data. #39737, @ashharrison90
  • CloudMonitoring: Fixed INT64 label unmarshal error. #39441, @bspellmeyer
  • ConfirmModal: Fixes confirm button focus on modal open. #39328, @torkelo
  • Dashboard: Add option to generate short URL for variables with values containing spaces. #39552, @hugohaggmark
  • Explore: No longer hides errors containing refId property. #39504, @Elfo404
  • Fixed an issue that produced State timeline panel tooltip error when data was not in sync. #39438, @zoltanbedi
  • InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor is set to always use resultFormat. #39330, @gabor
  • Loki: Fixed creating context query for logs with parsed labels. #39648, @ivanahuckova
  • PageToolbar: Fixed alignment of titles. #39572, @ashharrison90
  • Plugins Catalog: Update to the list of available panels after an install, update or uninstall. #39293, @leventebalogh
  • TimeSeries: Fixed an issue where the shared cursor was not showing when hovering over in old Graph panel. #39738, @zoltanbedi
  • Variables: Fixed issues related to change of focus or refresh pages when pressing enter in a text box variable input. #39666, @hugohaggmark
  • Variables: Panel no longer crash when using the adhoc variable in data links. #39546, @hugohaggmark

Breaking changes

Grafana v8.2.0-beta1 caused data loss for users having enabled ngalert in 8.0.x - 8.1.x and created alerts using the new alerting system. This issue is now fixed except if the deployment has multiple organizations and the feature flag was enabled in the previous version (8.0.x - 8.1.x).

In this scenario (upgrade from 8.0.x - 8.1.x with multiple organizations and ngalert enabled to 8.2.0-beta2), the migration will assign existing notification policies and contact points to the first organization and then apply the default alertmanager configuration to all organizations. This will effectively reset notification policies for all organizations. Issue #39541


ngalert feature toggle it has been deprecated it will be removed in a future release. To enable Grafana 8 alerts, modify your configuration and:

  • in the unified_alerting section set the enabled property to true
  • in the alerting section set the enabled property to false Issue #38746