Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

Grafana Cloud Enterprise Open source

Release notes for Grafana 8.2.0-beta1

Features and enhancements

  • AccessControl: Introduce new permissions to restrict access for reloading provisioning configuration. #38906, @vtorosyan
  • Admin: Update license page UI. (Enterprise)
  • Alerting: Add UI to edit Cortex/Loki namespace, group names, and group evaluation interval. #38543, @domasx2
  • Alerting: Add a Test button to test contact point. #37475, @domasx2
  • Alerting: Allow creating/editing recording rules for Loki and Cortex. #38064, @domasx2
  • Alerting: Metrics should have the label org instead of user. #39353, @gotjosh
  • Alerting: Sort notification channels by name to make them easier to locate. #37426, @jstangroome
  • Alerting: Support org level isolation of notification configuration. #37414, @papagian
  • AzureMonitor: Add data links to deep link to Azure Portal Azure Resource Graph. #35591, @shuotli
  • AzureMonitor: Add support for annotations from Azure Monitor Metrics and Azure Resource Graph services. #37633, @joshhunt
  • AzureMonitor: Show error message when subscriptions request fails in ConfigEditor. #37837, @joshhunt
  • Chore: Update to Golang 1.16.7. #38604, @dsotirakis
  • CloudWatch Logs: Add link to X-Ray data source for trace IDs in logs. #39135, @aocenas
  • CloudWatch Logs: Disable query path using websockets (Live) feature. #39231, @aocenas
  • CloudWatch/Logs: Don’t group dataframes for non time series queries. #37998, @aocenas
  • Cloudwatch: Migrate queries that use multiple stats to one query per stat. #36925, @sunker
  • Dashboard: Keep live timeseries moving left (v2). #37769, @ryantxu
  • Datasources: Introduce response_limit for datasource responses. #38962, @dsotirakis
  • Explore: Add filter by trace or span ID to trace to logs feature. #38943, @connorlindsey
  • Explore: Download traces as JSON in Explore Inspector. #38614, @connorlindsey
  • Explore: Reuse Dashboard’s QueryRows component. #38942, @Elfo404
  • Explore: Support custom display label for derived fields buttons for Loki datasource. #37273, @connorlindsey
  • Grafana UI: Update monaco-related dependencies. #39027, @gabor
  • Graphite: Deprecate browser access mode. #38783, @ifrost
  • InfluxDB: Improve handling of intervals in alerting. #37588, @gabor
  • InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor: Handle unusual characters in tag values better. #39170, @gabor
  • Introduce “monitored queries” service. (Enterprise)
  • Jaeger: Add ability to upload JSON file for trace data. #37205, @zoltanbedi
  • LibraryElements: Enable specifying UID for new and existing library elements. #39019, @hugohaggmark
  • LibraryPanels: Remove library panel icon from the panel header so you can no longer tell that a panel is a library panel from the dashboard view. #38749, @hugohaggmark
  • Logs panel: Scroll to the bottom on page refresh when sorting in ascending order. #37634, @ivanahuckova
  • Loki: Add fuzzy search to label browser. #36864, @connorlindsey
  • Navigation: Implement active state for items in the Sidemenu. #39030, @ashharrison90
  • Packaging: Add stricter systemd unit options. #38109, @erdnaxe
  • Packaging: Update PID file location from /var/run to /run. #35739, @MichaIng
  • Plugins: Add Hide OAuth Forward config option. #36306, @wbrowne
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add setting to limit the maximum number of rows processed. #38986, @marefr
  • Prometheus: Add browser access mode deprecation warning. #37578, @ivanahuckova
  • Prometheus: Add interpolation for built-in-time variables to backend. #39051, @ivanahuckova
  • Recorded Queries: Finish rest API endpoints. (Enterprise)
  • Reporting: enable creating reports from dashboard. (Enterprise)
  • Tempo: Add ability to upload trace data in JSON format. #37407, @zoltanbedi
  • TimeSeries/XYChart: Allow grid lines visibility control in XYChart and TimeSeries panels. #38502, @dprokop
  • Transformations: Convert field types to time string number or boolean. #38517, @nikki-kiga
  • Usage Insights: Support writing events to Grafana’s log. (Enterprise)
  • Value mappings: Add regular-expression based value mapping. #38931, @mcdee
  • Zipkin: Add ability to upload trace JSON. #37483, @zoltanbedi

Bug fixes

  • Admin: Prevent user from deleting user’s current/active organization. #38056, @idafurjes
  • LibraryPanels: Fix library panel getting saved in the dashboard’s folder. #38978, @hugohaggmark
  • OAuth: Make generic teams URL and JMES path configurable. #37233, @djairhogeuens
  • QueryEditor: Fix broken copy-paste for mouse middle-click (#39117). #39117, @glintik
  • Thresholds: Fix undefined color in “Add threshold”. #39113, @glintik
  • Timeseries: Add wide-to-long, and fix multi-frame output. #38670, @ryantxu
  • TooltipPlugin: Fix behavior of Shared Crosshair when Tooltip is set to All. #37285, @nikki-kiga

Breaking changes

The monaco-editor dependency in grafana-ui has been updated to a newer version (0.27.0), which is not completely backward compatible with the old version (0.21.2). The backward incompatible changes are fairly small, but they do exist, so if your code accesses the raw monaco-objects through the grafana-ui package, please check the monaco-editor changelog and apply any necessary changes. Issue #39027

The mandatory css prop in grafana/ui components has been removed.

Previous versions of grafana/ui components were typed incorrectly due to a dependency mismatch between emotion 10 and 11 causing a css prop to be added to components that extended react types. Issue #38078

Unified Alerting (Grafana 8 Alerting) data loss

Grafana v8.2 fixed an issue with org isolation for notification configuration but to fix this Grafana will now re-run the migration from old alerting and this will cause complete removal of all new alert rules and notification configurations. This data loss is not something we find acceptable and are working on ways to mitigate it. So in the meantime, if you are an early adopter of unified alerting please wait with trying v8.2 beta. Issue #37414

Panel queries and/or annotation queries that used more than one statistic will be converted into one query/annotation per statistic. In case an alerting rule was based on a query row that had more than one statistic, it would now be based only on the first statistic for that query row. New alerting rules will not be created for migrated queries. Please note that in most cases it would not make sense to have an alerting rule that is based on multiple statistics anyway. Issue #36925


getHighlighterExpressions in datasource APIs ( used to highlight logs while editing queries) has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Deprecation notice

ExploreQueryFieldProps interface for query editors has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use QueryEditorProps instead. Issue #38942

Plugin development fixes & changes

  • Grafana UI: Fix TS error property css is missing in type. #38078, @jackw