Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

Grafana Cloud Enterprise Open source

Release notes for Grafana 8.0.3

Features and enhancements

  • Alerting: Increase alertmanager_conf column if MySQL. #35657, @kylebrandt
  • Time series/Bar chart panel: Handle infinite numbers as nulls when converting to plot array. #35638, @dprokop
  • TimeSeries: Ensure series overrides that contain color are migrated, and migrate the previous fieldConfig when changing the panel type. #35676, @ashharrison90
  • ValueMappings: Improve singlestat value mappings migration. #35578, @dprokop

Bug fixes

  • Annotations: Fix annotation line and marker colors. #35608, @torkelo
  • AzureMonitor: Fix KQL template variable queries without default workspace. #35836, @joshhunt
  • CloudWatch/Logs: Fix missing response data for log queries. #35724, @aocenas
  • Elasticsearch: Restore previous field naming strategy when using variables. #35624, @Elfo404
  • LibraryPanels: Fix crash in library panels list when panel plugin is not found. #35907, @torkelo
  • LogsPanel: Fix performance drop when moving logs panel in dashboard. #35379, @aocenas
  • Loki: Parse log levels when ANSI coloring is enabled. #35607, @olbo98
  • MSSQL: Fix issue with hidden queries still being executed. #35787, @torkelo
  • PanelEdit: Display the VisualizationPicker that was not displayed if a panel has an unknown panel plugin. #35831, @jackw
  • Plugins: Fix loading symbolically linked plugins. #35635, @domasx2
  • Prometheus: Fix issue where legend name was replaced with name Value in stat and gauge panels. #35863, @torkelo
  • State Timeline: Fix crash when hovering over panel. #35692, @hugohaggmark