Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Configure feature toggles

You use feature toggles, also known as feature flags, to enable or disable features in Grafana. You can turn on feature toggles to try out new functionality in development or test environments.

This page contains a list of available feature toggles. To learn how to turn on feature toggles, refer to our Configure Grafana documentation. Feature toggles are also available to Grafana Cloud Advanced customers. If you use Grafana Cloud Advanced, you can open a support ticket and specify the feature toggles and stack for which you want them enabled.

Feature toggles

Some features are enabled by default. You can disable these feature by setting the feature flag to “false” in the configuration.

Feature toggle nameDescriptionEnabled by default
disableEnvelopeEncryptionDisable envelope encryption (emergency only)
publicDashboardsEnables public access to dashboardsYes
featureHighlightsHighlight Grafana Enterprise features
exploreContentOutlineContent outline sidebarYes
newVizTooltipsNew visualizations tooltips UX
dataConnectionsConsoleEnables a new top-level page called Connections. This page is an experiment that provides a better experience when you install and configure data sources and other plugins.Yes
cloudWatchCrossAccountQueryingEnables cross-account querying in CloudWatch datasourcesYes
redshiftAsyncQueryDataSupportEnable async query data support for RedshiftYes
athenaAsyncQueryDataSupportEnable async query data support for AthenaYes
nestedFolderPickerEnables the new folder picker to work with nested folders. Requires the nestedFolders feature toggleYes
accessTokenExpirationCheckEnable OAuth access_token expiration check and token refresh using the refresh_token
emptyDashboardPageEnable the redesigned user interface of a dashboard page that includes no panelsYes
disablePrometheusExemplarSamplingDisable Prometheus exemplar sampling
logsContextDatasourceUiAllow datasource to provide custom UI for context viewYes
lokiQuerySplittingSplit large interval queries into subqueries with smaller time intervalsYes
prometheusMetricEncyclopediaAdds the metrics explorer component to the Prometheus query builder as an option in metric selectYes
influxdbBackendMigrationQuery InfluxDB InfluxQL without the proxyYes
clientTokenRotationReplaces the current in-request token rotation so that the client initiates the rotationYes
prometheusDataplaneChanges responses to from Prometheus to be compliant with the dataplane specification. In particular, when this feature toggle is active, the numeric Field.Name is set from ‘Value’ to the value of the __name__ label.Yes
lokiMetricDataplaneChanges metric responses from Loki to be compliant with the dataplane specification.Yes
dataplaneFrontendFallbackSupport dataplane contract field name change for transformations and field name matchers where the name is differentYes
useCachingServiceWhen active, the new query and resource caching implementation using a wire service inject replaces the previous middleware implementation.Yes
enableElasticsearchBackendQueryingEnable the processing of queries and responses in the Elasticsearch data source through backendYes
advancedDataSourcePickerEnable a new data source picker with contextual information, recently used order and advanced modeYes
cloudWatchLogsMonacoEditorEnables the Monaco editor for CloudWatch Logs queriesYes
recordedQueriesMultiEnables writing multiple items from a single query within Recorded QueriesYes
transformationsRedesignEnables the transformations redesignYes
prometheusConfigOverhaulAuthUpdate the Prometheus configuration page with the new auth componentYes
alertingInsightsShow the new alerting insights landing pageYes
cloudWatchWildCardDimensionValuesFetches dimension values from CloudWatch to correctly label wildcard dimensionsYes

Preview feature toggles

Feature toggle nameDescription
panelTitleSearchSearch for dashboards using panel title
migrationLockingLock database during migrations
correlationsCorrelations page
autoMigrateOldPanelsMigrate old angular panels to supported versions (graph, table-old, worldmap, etc)
disableAngularDynamic flag to disable angular at runtime. The preferred method is to set angular_support_enabled to false in the [security] settings, which allows you to change the state at runtime.
grpcServerRun the GRPC server
accessControlOnCallAccess control primitives for OnCall
nestedFoldersEnable folder nesting for dashboards and alerts. Note that managed alert rules aren’t supported for nested folders. This feature is only supported for test and development environments.
alertingNoNormalStateStop maintaining state of alerts that are not firing
renderAuthJWTUses JWT-based auth for rendering instead of relying on remote cache
refactorVariablesTimeRangeRefactor time range variables flow to reduce number of API calls made when query variables are chained
faroDatasourceSelectorEnable the data source selector within the Frontend Apps section of the Frontend Observability
enableDatagridEditingEnables the edit functionality in the datagrid panel
sqlDatasourceDatabaseSelectionEnables previous SQL data source dataset dropdown behavior
awsAsyncQueryCachingEnable caching for async queries for Redshift and Athena. Requires that the useCachingService feature toggle is enabled and the datasource has caching and async query support enabled
splitScopesSupport faster dashboard and folder search by splitting permission scopes into parts
dashgptEnable AI powered features in dashboards
reportingRetriesEnables rendering retries for the reporting feature
transformationsVariableSupportAllows using variables in transformations
cloudWatchBatchQueriesRuns CloudWatch metrics queries as separate batches

Experimental feature toggles

These features are early in their development lifecycle and so are not yet supported in Grafana Cloud. Experimental features might be changed or removed without prior notice.

Feature toggle nameDescription
live-service-web-workerThis will use a webworker thread to processes events rather than the main thread
queryOverLiveUse Grafana Live WebSocket to execute backend queries
lokiExperimentalStreamingSupport new streaming approach for loki (prototype, needs special loki build)
storageConfigurable storage for dashboards, datasources, and resources
datasourceQueryMultiStatusIntroduce HTTP 207 Multi Status for api/ds/query
traceToMetricsEnable trace to metrics links
canvasPanelNestingAllow elements nesting
scenesExperimental framework to build interactive dashboards
disableSecretsCompatibilityDisable duplicated secret storage in legacy tables
logRequestsInstrumentedAsUnknownLogs the path for requests that are instrumented as unknown
dockedMegaMenuEnable support for a persistent (docked) navigation menu
cloudwatchNewRegionsHandlerRefactor of /regions endpoint, no user-facing changes
showDashboardValidationWarningsShow warnings when dashboards do not validate against the schema
mysqlAnsiQuotesUse double quotes to escape keyword in a MySQL query
alertingBacktestingRule backtesting API for alerting
editPanelCSVDragAndDropEnables drag and drop for CSV and Excel files
lokiQuerySplittingConfigGive users the option to configure split durations for Loki queries
individualCookiePreferencesSupport overriding cookie preferences per user
influxqlStreamingParserEnable streaming JSON parser for InfluxDB datasource InfluxQL query language
lokiLogsDataplaneChanges logs responses from Loki to be compliant with the dataplane specification.
disableSSEDataplaneDisables dataplane specific processing in server side expressions.
alertStateHistoryLokiSecondaryEnable Grafana to write alert state history to an external Loki instance in addition to Grafana annotations.
alertStateHistoryLokiPrimaryEnable a remote Loki instance as the primary source for state history reads.
alertStateHistoryLokiOnlyDisable Grafana alerts from emitting annotations when a remote Loki instance is available.
unifiedRequestLogWrites error logs to the request logger
extraThemesEnables extra themes
lokiPredefinedOperationsAdds predefined query operations to Loki query editor
pluginsFrontendSandboxEnables the plugins frontend sandbox
dashboardEmbedAllow embedding dashboard for external use in Code editors
frontendSandboxMonitorOnlyEnables monitor only in the plugin frontend sandbox (if enabled)
lokiFormatQueryEnables the ability to format Loki queries
exploreScrollableLogsContainerImproves the scrolling behavior of logs in Explore
pluginsDynamicAngularDetectionPatternsEnables fetching Angular detection patterns for plugins from GCOM and fallback to hardcoded ones
vizAndWidgetSplitSplit panels between visualizations and widgets
prometheusIncrementalQueryInstrumentationAdds RudderStack events to incremental queries
logsExploreTableVisualisationA table visualisation for logs in Explore
awsDatasourcesTempCredentialsSupport temporary security credentials in AWS plugins for Grafana Cloud customers
mlExpressionsEnable support for Machine Learning in server-side expressions
traceQLStreamingEnables response streaming of TraceQL queries of the Tempo data source
metricsSummaryEnables metrics summary queries in the Tempo data source
grafanaAPIServerEnable Kubernetes API Server for Grafana resources
grafanaAPIServerWithExperimentalAPIsRegister experimental APIs with the k8s API server
featureToggleAdminPageEnable admin page for managing feature toggles from the Grafana front-end
traceToProfilesEnables linking between traces and profiles
tracesEmbeddedFlameGraphEnables embedding a flame graph in traces
permissionsFilterRemoveSubqueryAlternative permission filter implementation that does not use subqueries for fetching the dashboard folder
influxdbSqlSupportEnable InfluxDB SQL query language support with new querying UI
angularDeprecationUIDisplay new Angular deprecation-related UI features
sseGroupByDatasourceSend query to the same datasource in a single request when using server side expressions
requestInstrumentationStatusSourceInclude a status source label for request metrics and logs
libraryPanelRBACEnables RBAC support for library panels
wargamesTestingPlaceholder feature flag for internal testing
externalCorePluginsAllow core plugins to be loaded as external
pluginsAPIMetricsSends metrics of public grafana packages usage by plugins
httpSLOLevelsAdds SLO level to http request metrics
panelMonitoringEnables panel monitoring through logs and measurements
enableNativeHTTPHistogramEnables native HTTP Histograms
formatStringEnable format string transformer
kubernetesPlaylistsUse the kubernetes API in the frontend for playlists, and route /api/playlist requests to k8s
kubernetesSnapshotsUse the kubernetes API in the frontend to support playlists
recoveryThresholdEnables feature recovery threshold (aka hysteresis) for threshold server-side expression
lokiStructuredMetadataEnables the loki data source to request structured metadata from the Loki server
teamHttpHeadersEnables datasources to apply team headers to the client requests
awsDatasourcesNewFormStylingApplies new form styling for configuration and query editors in AWS plugins
cachingOptimizeSerializationMemoryUsageIf enabled, the caching backend gradually serializes query responses for the cache, comparing against the configured [caching]max_value_mb value as it goes. This can can help prevent Grafana from running out of memory while attempting to cache very large query responses.
pluginsInstrumentationStatusSourceInclude a status source label for plugin request metrics and logs
costManagementUiToggles the display of the cost management ui plugin
managedPluginsInstallInstall managed plugins directly from plugins catalog
prometheusPromQAILPrometheus and AI/ML to assist users in creating a query
addFieldFromCalculationStatFunctionsAdd cumulative and window functions to the add field from calculation transformation
alertmanagerRemoteSecondaryEnable Grafana to sync configuration and state with a remote Alertmanager.
alertmanagerRemotePrimaryEnable Grafana to have a remote Alertmanager instance as the primary Alertmanager.
alertmanagerRemoteOnlyDisable the internal Alertmanager and only use the external one defined.
annotationPermissionUpdateSeparate annotation permissions from dashboard permissions to allow for more granular control.
extractFieldsNameDeduplicationMake sure extracted field names are unique in the dataframe
dashboardSceneForViewersEnables dashboard rendering using Scenes for viewer roles
dashboardSceneEnables dashboard rendering using scenes for all roles
logsInfiniteScrollingEnables infinite scrolling for the Logs panel in Explore and Dashboards
flameGraphItemCollapsingAllow collapsing of flame graph items
logRowsPopoverMenuEnable filtering menu displayed when text of a log line is selected
pluginsSkipHostEnvVarsDisables passing host environment variable to plugin processes
regressionTransformationEnables regression analysis transformation
displayAnonymousStatsEnables anonymous stats to be shown in the UI for Grafana
newFolderPickerEnables the nested folder picker without having nested folders enabled
jitterAlertRulesDistributes alert rule evaluations more evenly over time, by rule group

Development feature toggles

The following toggles require explicitly setting Grafana’s app mode to ‘development’ before you can enable this feature toggle. These features tend to be experimental.

Feature toggle nameDescription
unifiedStorageSQL-based k8s storage
externalServiceAuthStarts an OAuth2 authentication provider for external services
grafanaAPIServerEnsureKubectlAccessStart an additional https handler and write kubectl options
idForwardingGenerate signed id token for identity that can be forwarded to plugins and external services
externalServiceAccountsAutomatic service account and token setup for plugins
panelTitleSearchInV1Enable searching for dashboards using panel title in search v1
ssoSettingsApiEnables the SSO settings API